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Aug 10, 2011
They will have to, if they want to offer services in the EU, or be fined, repeatedly.

And the fine is up to 4% of global annual turnover for a tier two offence which is what non compliance of data access rights would be.

"coming soon" - at some point within the next 20 years

Must be implemented by 25 May in EU.

I believe that this change will actually let you DELETE Data, too.

Yes the regulation allows the “right to erasure”. I’m not sure whether you can ask for specific data to be deleted. Hopefully it’s pissible even if regulation doesn’t require it.
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May 3, 2009
I think this is a good idea, and I look forward to seeing it implemented.


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Apr 6, 2010
Google has had this for years, about time Apple caught up. Maybe this will make it easier to escape the walled garden...
It will (make it easier) but it's not that difficult to pull yourself away right now - I know I've just done it to an extent that I didn't think was possible. I now have a Google phone, no expensive mobile contract, all of my services are using the best of Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple, and an iMac as my main workstation. And everything works perfectly smoothly thanks very much, and crucially I'm not locked in to Apple's Eco System and (more) expensive hardware..(And I like to tinker, so android suits me well, plus The G Pixel Phone's camera is killer).

The reason I 'left' after using only Apple products for 20+ years was really down to iCloud, and the rising price of the iPhone. Don't get me wrong - I'm not hating on Apple here - I like iOS a lot - I like the zen simplicity of it, but then it's easy to set up an android phone to act however you want it to act.

iCloud (,, iDisk, all the rest of them) has always been a mess, and the price for storage is crazy, especially when you compare to the competition. Family sharing is a joke, with no real collaboration, or 'hard drive' folder sharing. Apple music is great (for me), but Amazon prime Music does just about the same thing and costs less.

I could bang on about it but I won't - only to say that switching something as simple as a phone has saved me around £300 per year in mobile phone bills, and around £200 on the handset. Also - running Office 365 instead of iCloud gets me more data that I can actually share between family members, and Google Photos is a no-brainer.

The key to it all is that I can do what I want, get the handset that I want, share the files that I need to, and listen to all the music that I like and I don't have to wait for Apple to catch up with their 'We're not first, but we're the best' take on technology. They are premium products, sure, but their profit margin comes before user experience, and sometimes better is too late to the party.


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Jun 6, 2017
The reason why Apple doing this is because they must do so. The European law forces them to do.

If it was for Apple it was a no


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Jan 3, 2009
lol. Actually Google has this option for years. :)

Only Apple can do this. ;)

Seriously though, You think any of the others are going to be doing this anytime soon?

Edit before I get quoted again. This was more of a sarcastic reply! I don’t use Facebook or google services. Again, it was a joke son a joke!
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Apr 6, 2011
Is this live yet? If not, then when exactly is it going to be... anyone know?
So, does anyone actually know... ?
Just for others posting, we have already established (to avoid repeat comments):

Yes, we know:
-- Google have had this for years.
-- The EU regs mean it'll have to be done latest 25 May 2018.
-- The EU forced Apple's hand, whether they'd have offered this otherwise; who knows.

We don't know if:
-- Apple will allow individual deletions (like Google) or just "delete ALL".
-- Apple will allow us to download all the data they hold on us.
(EDIT: iCloud Drive data confirmed, dunno other metadata info Apple themselves hold, devs responsible to comply for CloudKit data download/deletion options themselves, with Apple supplying some APIs/tools to help them do so.)
-- Apple will roll this out to EU first, then US & elsewhere, or all at same time.

EDIT: Some of these questions and more have been clarified in a newer article:
Apple Outlines Developer Tools Available for Complying With the EU's New Data Regulation Rules /
Sounds pretty fair to me. Go read! ;-)
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Jun 30, 2007
Midwest USA
Well, we have a problem here :)

Nope. If people are not smart enough to keep a secure copy of their passwords and keys, then this will happen. People need to take some personal responsibility for their own actions. Period. Its not Apple's responsibility to protect people from their own ignorance.

My wife, who by choice has no interest in or understanding of technology, has no problem understanding the need to protect and keep passwords. She does it on her own, without my help. And she knows how to find mine if something should happen to me and I know how to find hers if something should happen to her. It does not take much time, but one does have to pull their head out of the sand.


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Sep 20, 2016
This is great news. I have been trying to download all 74,000 of my photos from iCloud for months. It always hangs at about 20,000.


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Jul 31, 2008
I'm curious about the 'data' Apple holds on us as a customer profile or point of contact. Such as tech chat conversations, number of warranty repairs, devices owned. Is that data we might be allowed to see? Is that something the EU would indicate as personal data?


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Oct 23, 2009
The system as it stands now is screwed up. A relative had a medical emergency two months ago, and his PC and phone were stolen while he was in the hospital. Although he bought a new iPhone, he found it impossible to access his previous account and icloud data because he couldn't remember his password and his trusted devices were not available. The perfect catch 22, but maybe this new feature/service will help him transfer the lost data.

I'm sorry this happened to your relative. It's unfortunate people take advantage of others this way.

Has he put his mobile number on the account? He maybe able to reset the password using SMS reset. All he has to do is get a replacement phone and SIM. There's also the option of getting a phone call if his home number is setup on the account.

I hope he's also turned on the privacy feature where notifications aren't displayed in the open unless the phone is unlocked (via FaceID or TouchID). This prevents the thief from using this method to gain access to his account.

Alternatively, if he has a recovery key, that maybe used to recover the account as well.

I doubt this new feature will help your relative if he can't get access to his account.


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Sep 1, 2017
Well under the GDPR you will have the right to erasure of data per a direct request to Apple, so at least that's a step forward.

Thing is, you'll never know if your data has really been deleted. Neither you nor the gov have the ability to tell it.
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Sep 29, 2017
Apple already gives this data to governments who have a warrant or secret court order.

Just like every other company does when given a warrant. And only for the data Apple actually has (which isn’t the entire contents of your device).

Well under the GDPR you will have the right to erasure of data per a direct request to Apple, so at least that's a step forward.

Erasure only of the data Apple has. If you use an App that stores data in CloudKit (for example), then you need to request erasure (or download) of this data from the developer of the App, not from Apple. Apple has also just added support (APIs) for this purpose to allow App developers the ability to conform to the new EU laws as well. It’s all fine and dandy that Apple is confirming to the EU, but developers are also required to.

To me, this is even bigger news than Apple allowing downloads. I doubt you’re going to find any surprises in what Apple has stored about you, since it’s going to basically be all the stuff on your device (or previously on your device). Who really knows what an App developer is storing.


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Apr 6, 2011
If anyone sees this pop up on their account (presumably at ?), then do advise the rest of us here. TIA.


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Oct 19, 2005
Henderson, Nevada
I have two Apple ID's because some person used my original Apple ID when I forgot to associate that email with my Apple ID ICLOUD.
Apple merged .ME .MAC .ICLOUD into one account awhile ago, but I wasn't able to use my Apple ID for iTunes as my Apple ID for ICLOUD because someone else claimed it as they're Apple .MAC email address that we used to have to pay for but then Apple allowed everyone to use for free.
How can I legitimately have an Apple ID to buy ITUNES and APPS but someone else can use that Apple ID as they're APPLE ICLOUD account?
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Sep 29, 2017

Everything that you have enabled to be stored by Google, will all be listed on that site. Everything can be deleted as well as the options to enable/disable the different kinds of data you can opt in/out of.

Sorry, I don't have a Google account. That page asks me to sign in.

Where do I find out what Google knows about me and delete that data without signing in?
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