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Apr 12, 2001


TechTrackr noted that Hugh Hefner revealed on Twitter that full uncensored issues of Playboy will become available on the iPad in March.

While Playboy has had an official App Store app, the app has been content restricted and contains no nude images. There are no further details on the iPad version of the magazine.

We suspect the magazine delivery may be related to Apple's recent plans to open up subscription billing for magazine and newspaper content which has been rumored to debut in the coming weeks. News Corp's upcoming The Daily has been repeatedly cited as the first to take advantage of the new subscription model.

Article Link: Apple to Start Allowing Adult Content on iPad
Cant see this lasting long.... think of the complaints from parents!!

All Ill say is, is that the said parents dont like it then they dont have to view it. As long as the content can only be accessed in a secure way then its content that should be available. Its more revenue for Apple and we live in a democracy so I have as much right to see adult content as much as little johnny has launching silly little birds about the place or finding out where the nearest McDonalds is. What needs to change is people attitude! People really must lead a boring bedroom life if they are put of by adult content! God the sparks must fly in your house LOL!:):p


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Apr 4, 2003
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All I can say is, adult content has been available on the iPad for a loooong time. Safari, anyone?


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Dec 4, 2008
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Notice the date - March. Wasn't the daily launch put back to March, there have been loads of rumours about subscriptions for magazines around then. I reckon that whatever mechanics has been created for offering subscriptions will also offer some sort of parental control system that they are fairly confident in.


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Apr 14, 2003
Given what you can find on teh Interwebz using mobile Safari, Playboy will seem quaint and cute.


Aug 23, 2005
So Steve's out of the office for 48 hours and the porn is out.... Bloody typical! ;)


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Sep 21, 2006
Glasgow, Scotland
Not now it won't. Even if Apple had agreed to this as part of a future subscription service, Hef has just ruined his chances by all but confirming this update is coming between now and March.

Steve, and Tim, will not be happy!

Lesser Evets

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Jan 7, 2006
So a pornographer is trying to compete with his bastard child--the internet.

Come on, Hugh. Your "culture" inside Playboy is intellectual masturbation, which works well with the photos being physical masturbation, but people learned they don't have to pay for cheap thrills any more.

the vj

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Nov 23, 2006
If there is someone more powerful than Steve is Hef...

No all the computers and technology of the world can compete with a hand full of good looking nude chicks.

About the parents... they need to grow up, the US is mentally challenge regarding sexual education, the lamest culture actually and the most hypocritical as well in that aspect since the porn industry and aids as American as the internet itself.


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Sep 6, 2007
Porn on the iPad??? I look at it this way....:eek: :D

It's America people... I see no trouble with it as long as it's hard to get at for the children. But, remembering what it's like being a teen, it wasn't too hard to get 30 years ago either. Part of life and us American's in general need to lighten up. Too many people trying to impose their values on others. I'd hate to be a teen today... too many rules.

Also, who's to say Playboy isn't doing a private book store? We all make the assumption that they are going to distribute on iTunes, but maybe they've developed their own Magazine store?
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Feb 14, 2008
Exploding heads in comics, games and movies are ok. But a bunch of breasts are bad for your children. You have to love america, they are just so easy to make fun of.


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Aug 6, 2008
Cant see this lasting long.... think of the complaints from parents!!

Oh no, they'll actually have to be PARENTS for once and monitor their kids? Oh the horror. What will we ever do?

And to think, being able to regulate an online store for purchasing adult content is much safer and easier to monitor than if those kids just visited random porn websites in the browser. Unfortunately, irrational and irresponsible parents don't see things logically that way. They just love to complain and complain and complain and sound almost like children themselves.


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Mar 12, 2007
Exploding heads in comics, games and movies are ok. But a bunch of breasts are bad for your children. You have to love america, they are just so easy to make fun of.

Yeah, that's what I can't stand. Sex is a normal part of just about everyone's life, at least at a certain age, and kids know about it at a really young age these days, yet nudity is "disgusting" and "inappropriate", yet senseless violence, which is never okay in real life, is fine for kids to play or watch.


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Jan 12, 2011
I think people here and in this generation in general, don't realize how much damage this stuff can have on kids and teens, especially later when they try to have a normal relationship.
It's been scientifically proven that folks who consumed stuff like this (actually the more harder stuff) fail to have a normal love life.

PS: I don't think violence and blood in TV shows and movies are much better...

Yes you can go on and flame me about my post.


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Feb 4, 2008
I really want to see apple s reaction...

this is so bad news....:mad:

Not get me rong I live in Italy and the girls are fantastic...:D

But ipads are also for kids...:(

Unfortunately I forsee bad things if Steve leaves...
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