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Apr 12, 2001

9to5Mac reports that Apple will update nearly all of its Mac products at next week's Worldwide Developers Conference, with "at least four" out the company's five Mac families seeing upgrades.


The most solid candidate for an upgrade is the MacBook Pro, which has been reported by numerous sources to be gaining a slimmer form factor with the update. Apple's iMac and MacBook Air lines are also considered solid bets for upgrades next week. The report claims that both the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air will receive ultra-high resolution Retina displays, but while the iMac has also been rumored to be gaining the feature in the future, it is unclear whether it will make it into the next update of Apple's flagship desktop line.

If Apple is planning to only update four of its lines, the final spot would come down to the Mac mini and the Mac Pro, with 9to5Mac arguing that the Mac mini is the most likely to see an update given that just-released Ivy Bridge chips that could also be appearing in a 13-inch MacBook Pro would be suitable for a Mac mini refresh.

Xeon E5 chips suitable for a significant Mac Pro update have been available for several months now, but Apple has so far elected not to refresh its professional-level workstation product and there continue to be questions about its fate given that it has been nearly two years since it was last updated.

Finally, today's report indicates that Apple may also be taking the opportunity of a massive Mac update to also introduce new and updated accessories, although details on Apple's plans for those products remain unknown.

Article Link: Apple to Update Nearly Entire Mac Lineup at WWDC?


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May 20, 2008
This is probably the most excited I have ever been for an Apple announcement.


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Sep 1, 2004
I really hope this is true. The Mac seems to have taken a step back in recent years and all the focus has been on the iPhone and iPad. Even Mac OS and hardware updates seem to have been linked with the iPad and iPhone success. The Mac Pro in particular is in dire need of reinventing. I think a really decent update will silence the critics, at least for a couple of years. Come on Apple, do us long time Mac fanboys proud!! If you'd actually introduce a new Mac product on stage, that would be even better.


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Jan 30, 2010
Mid South
4 out of 5?

Geez I hope it's not 4 out of 5 because they plan on merging the Macbook pro and air, or just continuing to ignore Macpro.


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May 28, 2009
Really tired of waiting for a new Mac Pro. I have real doubts they will be updated at wwdc. Only one of these won't be updated and only one of these is rumoured to be cancelled. hmmm. this kinda sucks


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Oct 30, 2010
San Diego
Retina MacBook air! Retina MacBook pro! Oh boy, I cannot wait till the 11th:)

I've waited awhile, good things happen to us who wait!
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Jan 29, 2008
Ah man, right as I was starting to put some money away into savings Apple does it again and forces me to spend thousands on new computers. :D

Actually, this is pretty exciting! If all the computers get retina displays I will be tempted to sell what I got and pay the difference to pick them all up.

If not, then I will probably just admire from afar. No retina = no sale.

But that's only because I have the current gen MBA (so no real need to upgrade) and a 2009 iMac (Core i5 Quad Core, 16GB RAM) with about a year left on AppleCare. So I feel that a retina display is the only thing that would actually make a difference in usability for me as what I have is PLENTY of power for what I use the computers for.


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Nov 14, 2011
Wow that's going to be one packed keynote. Phil Schiller will have his hands full. :D

I wonder if there will be a design refresh or if they'll be the same but just thinner.


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Jul 3, 2002
Middle Earth
This is going to be one hell of a summer update.

Not only are all these Macs due for upgrades but there are a lot of software upgrades due as well.


Makes me think. If Retina display is going to be the new "thing" then Apple will need to launch with some apps already enabled for Retina.

iLife - Retina
iWork - Retina
Aperture 4 - Retina

Sign me up!


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Jun 4, 2002
Anywhere but here
This is how it will go down hardware wise me thinks:

Updated 11 and 13 in ivy bridge mba with retina displays.
Updated 15 in ivy bridge mbp with retina display, thinner unibody enclosure.
13 in mbp is discontinued.
Updated ivy bridge imac with retina displays.
Updated ivy bridge mac mini.
No mac pro announcements.


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Jun 19, 2010
This has to be their best kept secret in a while. We haven't seen ANY leaks for ANY of these Macs (at least to the best of my knowledge. please if there were leaks show me :)). This keeps me so curious and excited for these Macs. I think they'll drop the 13" Pro, lower the price of the 13" MBA and have only a 15" pro notebook at a more reasonable price.
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