Apple Touts European Job Creation Numbers, Including 500K Related to App Store

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    Several years ago, Apple rolled out a new page on its site touting job growth associated with its businesses in the United States, calculating that included over 300,000 workers directly tied to the company and its business partners, as well as over 200,000 more workers that were part of the App Store economy. The total number is now approaching 600,000 workers, driven largely by increases in the App Store segment over the past two years.

    Now, Apple is bringing the same public relations effort to Europe, with a series of pages touting Apple's job creation numbers in Europe, as noted by The Wall Street Journal.
    Out of the 630,000 European jobs cited by Apple, the company includes nearly 500,000 related to the App Store economy, with Apple highlighting the $6.5 billion in developer payments the represents over 30 percent of the total $20 billion paid out by Apple worldwide. The remaining 132,000 European jobs cited by Apple are related to the company itself, including its own employees and those at suppliers and resellers.

    Country-specific versions of the pages, such as for France and Italy, share largely the same information, although each has a unique "Spotlight on Developers" section sharing quotes from and links to select developers from those countries.

    Apple also puts a special spotlight on its European headquarters in Cork, Ireland, where the company now employs 4,000 workers. Apple notes that it is the city's largest private employer, housing roughly 10% of Apple's corporate employees and supporting an additional 2,500 jobs at other companies providing services to Apple in Cork.

    Article Link: Apple Touts European Job Creation Numbers, Including 500K Related to App Store
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    And of those 500k so-called "jobs", how many are making enough from it to really call it a job and do nothing else? I'm guessing an extremely high percentage of those 500k people probably make under a hundred euros per month from it and need to have another/a "real" job.
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    Jobs, or extra income, it's all good in my book.
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    a hundred euros in most western european economies is like for a day or two of basic stuff, but more is always better than less
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    You know what kind of people are the worst? The ones who ask for spare change, and when you give them the change in your pocket, they complain that there's not more of it.
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    To guess is to assume, and you know what they say about that word.
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    Just like the "improving" employment rate here in the US?
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    And in other news...

    I have created or supported in some small way 292193.3 jobs in Australia:D
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    under a hundred euros per month? :eek:
    It's Europe, even the least wealthiest economies here grant 500€ minimum wage (it's bad but still 5x more your statement). People living in France, Germany, UK (where the most developed Apple markets operate) have 1200/1500€ minimum wage. That figure you present is too far off from reality.
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    Nice to see this from Apple. Apple's first office opened outside of the United States was opened in Cork, Ireland in 1980 and has been based there ever since -

    Many US politicians like to offset blame onto Ireland due to failed US economic policy, US companies in Ireland employ real people in the thousands to serve the EMEA markets.
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    That's a bit of a stretch. It's not like they have these people on payroll for full-time jobs.
  14. iOSaddict macrumors regular

    Jun 3, 2014
    maybe if you spent a bit more time and effort reading the statement instead of jumping right to bashing Apple, you'd realise that they say "created or supported". :rolleyes:
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    Does anyone wonder why apple chooses to release these 'pat on the back' press releases to the public when most other companies don't. Isn't it a bit self-serving and not very humble?
  16. Thunderhawks, Aug 6, 2014
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    Apple does taxwise what is legal. You would doi the same.

    No money is being hidden and I do not see why USA should be entitled to profits generated in other parts of the world, just because Apple is an American company.
    The IRS chases American citizens around the world to get a cut , even when they no longer reside here.
    It is exactly that attitude which drives away businesses and makes some do illegal stuff to truly hide money.
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    It's not a press release and it's not on the front page of their website. In fact without the direct link you'd have a hard time finding it on their website.
  18. Thunderhawks, Aug 6, 2014
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    If they don't do it nobody else will. Part of PR work.

    Gets Brownie points for the next antenna gate/ maps etc.
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    isn't is good that in this day and age a company can brag about "how good we are helping" ?
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    It's pretty widely known and publicised that a small fraction of developers make the vast majority of profits. A simple Google search reveals loads of articles dissecting the rather limited amount of information Apple declares publicly, though it's enough to get something of a picture of what's going on. Some developers are quite open about what they earn too.


    Yes i thought Apple's map was a little incomplete and off-centre, though there's no single definition of what constitutes Europe anyway.

    Personally I argue that Russia isn't in Europe. Culturally, politically and even geographically it should be classed as separate.
  21. Cheesy Cheese macrumors newbie

    Aug 6, 2014
    My father once told me that I should only be modest when I have something to be modest about. Similarly you should blow your own trumpet because nobody else will (although there are ladies of negotiable affection in the Kings Cross area of London who may be able to deliver such a service). Apple is rightly proud of its success.

    As for the employment figures I'm guessing it's reasonable if not a little optimistic. My own company employs three people directly to project manage or develop our retail customer-facing app, probably another ten or so on the corporate customer apps, and we spend maybe £600-800K/year with third party developers. We are not an app company, we deliver a service to our customers and the app makes using or managing those service more convenient. We are one of five similar companies in the UK, and I'm guessing there may be at least 100 more across Europe in our industry sector all of whom will be developing apps for their customers to use. So that's probably 1,000+ people. Even if you factor in the iOS vs Android vs Windows 8 split on the apps downloaded by our customers, I'd still stay the majority of what we do app-wise is Apple focus.
  22. simonmet, Aug 6, 2014
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    What this shows is that Apple are willing to engage in political campaigning when they're nervous about changes that can affect their bottom-line, of which many countries and the EU are starting to consider. That's all it is; a political and media campaign.
  23. numlock macrumors 68000

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    its an ecosystem that requires multiple players to do their part but leave it apple to claim it all
  24. RedOrchestra, Aug 6, 2014
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    Aug 13, 2012
    The LOBBYING has begun to get those billion's of dollars stateside at a preferential tax rate. There's nothing about this that's about the greater good, NOPE, it's just Apple taking care of the shareholders - nothing more, nothing less.

    I'm sure the PR press by Apple, showing what great corporate citizens they are, will continue, unabated, UNTIL, they get that money into the US.

    Pinch your noses folks, this is going to get smelly.
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    And what is your solution, genius? And they claim 30%. Seems fair.

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