Apple TV 4K causes UPS to malfunction.

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by MacinMan, Dec 29, 2018.

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    Hey guys,
    Just thought I would post this odd situation here to see what kind of feedback people could offer.

    I've had an AppleTV 4k 64 GB in my living room for most of 2018, and I also have my iMac in the living room, so the home theater, and computer are on the same breaker circuit, but not the same physical outlet.

    Anyway, within the last few months I had noticed the UPS the iMac is on would randomly flip out frantically going from battery back to Utility power. Nothing else in the apartment indicated power problems from the power company as everything is rock solid.

    I returned the UPS under the extended warranty I had thinking it might have been a bad UPS, however there are a couple things I noticed:

    The New UPS did the same thing
    The desk lamp with an LED bulb would randomly flicker like the power was dipping / spiking.

    So I troubleshooted by removing everything else plugged in (mainly home theater stuff)
    The main culprit turned out to be the ATV 4k. I should mention that once everything was removed, the UPS settled down, the light stopped flickering, and things kept normal until I plugged the ATV back in and that's when the UPS when nuts is when the ATV powered up. I should also mention, that I also tested the UPS in the bedroom (different circuit) with no issues, and had apartment maintenance replace suspected outlets which is how I was able to conclude it was that circuit specifically and it wasn't the outlets.

    I also have the UPS set on the lowest sensitivity possible, but while this was happening it didn't matter.

    Also, when I tested the UPS in the bedroom, the ATV 4 is on that circuit, and I tested the UPS (APC) on default medium settings, and didn't have the issue with the ATV 4.

    With all this said, I've boxed the ATV 4k up and am just using the 4 in the bedroom as I didn't watch a lot of 4k content with the 4k anyway.

    The home theater items are connected to a 3600 Joule rated surge protector, and the protected and grounded lights are both lit.

    I am wondering if this is a sigh that my ATV 4k has a bad / failing power supply that would be putting this much dirty current into the lines to cause these types of issues? For the most part, the unit ran without issues. On the other hand, is this just another example of Apple quality control slacking and they're using cheap parts.

    Just curious to what your thoughts might be on this. The situation is currently resolved, and the ATV 4K is boxed up.

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