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apple tv 4k

  1. InAustralia

    TVOS17 - ATV Remote will no longer control sound on Samsung TV and Soundbar

    I just updated my ATV4K to TVOS17, which is attached to a Samsung TV and Samsung soundbar. Following the update, the ATV remote no longer controls. the sound on my TV or soundbar. The remote will still turn on the TV and I can still control all the normal functions of the ATV, just not the...
  2. S

    Spatial audio / Dolby Atmos sound very different from iPhone & iPad

    Hello guys, I currently have an audio problem with my AirPods Pro and my Apple TV 4K 3rd gen. I’ve figured out that when I’m using my AirPods Pro, spatial audio sounds very different from my iPhone. It sounds like a reverb/fake Atmos. I don’t really know how to explain but it’s not clear...
  3. J

    HDMI Audio with an Apple TV

    I have moved my LG UltraFine 32UN880-B monitor, where it is now close to my Kitchen Apple TV. This monitor has 2x HDMI ports, though neither are labelled as HDMI ARC or eARC. The Apple TV 4K itself only has 1 HDMI port. And my JBL 2.0 All In One Soundbar also has 1 HDMI port, which is labelled...
  4. dsaponaro

    Slight freezing/stutter of AppleTV video

    Hopefully someone can offer some insight into a recent issue. l have an Apple TV 4K (Latest Model) connected to a 2022 Samsung Frame TV as well as a Sonos Arc/Sub. All are connected correctly with high bandwidth cables. My Arc is connected to the earc port of the TV while Apple TV to another...
  5. S

    Screensaver setting doesn't work

    tvOS has this screensaver setting: Problem is, it never works. It didn't work in my Apple TV 4K 2021, and it doesn't work in the 2022 (yes, I'm one of the suckers who bought the 2022 version that had barely anything new compared to the 2021, not even a decent DAC to output 96 Khz audio)...
  6. S

    HomeKit Apple TV shows "Playing" in Home app while it's OFF

    This issue never occurred before last December when I updated to iOS 16.2 and tvOS 16.2. (I also took the optional new HomeKit architecture at this time.) In the Home app, my Apple TV (4K 2nd Gen) is showing status as "Playing" and yet it's shut OFF right now. And sometimes when it's ON...
  7. M

    Sound bar rec for Apple TV 4K

    I’m looking for an inexpensive (sub-$350) sound bar to use exclusively with the most recent Apple TV 4K. It’s a small room, with a 55” TCL (2018). This is mostly for movies, TVs, and sports. Streaming music is secondary. Two new full size HPs are out of my price range, and the discussion on here...
  8. J

    Apple Tv 3rd Gen 4k Remote issues

    I set up a new 3rd gen Apple TV on an 85” Sony Bravia tv. I mounted it to the top right corner of the tv. The Apple TV remote went bonkers scrolling left and down and generally not working. I paired a new unused remote and it did the same thing. I moved the Apple TV to the bottom of the tv and...
  9. Contact_Feanor

    Airplaying Video to Apple TV with HomePods as audio out

    Since a couple of months my Apple TV 4K (2) would stutter every couple of minutes (sometimes even less then that) when airplaying videos, be it from my MacBook Pro or from my iPhone or iPad; the source didn't matter: if I airplay video, the video wouldn't be smooth but pauze for seconds...
  10. N

    Apple TV 4K 128GB to replace Philips Hue Bridge?

    Hi, I just got my first Apple TV, a 4K 128GB. It supports HomeKit. Did I understand correctly that I can do away with my Philips Hue Bridge device and use the Apple TV for that purpose instead? If so, how would I go about doing that? Thanks in advance for the advice.
  11. S

    Apple TV 4K YouTube app missing my uploaded content

    Apple TV 4K YouTube app does not show all my uploaded content under "Your Videos." I do see some videos, but not all. However, all videos are visible when viewed from a computer or iPhone. This used to work about a month ago, so I'm not sure if the most recent update has some issues (assuming...
  12. AstroRexaur

    Apple TV 4K order was cancelled and fully refunded but was delivered (arrived) today.

    I preordered the new Apple TV 4K, it took more time to arrive that promised by Apple. I contacted Apple by chat and they offered me a full refund and I accepted. That same day bought the ATV by Amazon and arrived next day without any problems. BUT, today just heading out of my apartment, I open...
  13. B

    Apple TV 4k 2022 playing Dolby Vision content as HDR10+ on Samsung TV

    For context I have a 2020 Samsung 4K TV that is capable of playing HDR10+ and not Dolby Vision. Maybe I'm missing something but it seems that the new Apple TV 4K 2022 is streaming movies from Apple TV+ or in my purchased library that are marked as Dolby Vision in HDR10+. Are these two HDR...
  14. snak-atak

    Is the new 2022 Apple TV 4K worth it? I already own the 2017 model.

    Let me start by saying that I don't expect another Apple TV upgrade for at least another 2-3 years, so if I am going to upgrade any time in the next year or two, I might as well get it now and reap the benefits, if there are any. I'll also disclose that my current Apple TV is connected to a...
  15. 81Tiger04

    HomePod HomePod Mini pair works for music but not TV

    I have set up a HomePod Minis as a pair. This works wonderfully with music! Sound comes out of both speakers to create a stereo effect as you would expect. The problem starts when I watch tv. Everything is only playing out of one speaker. It's annoying! I'm using Apple TV so I assumed this...
  16. jumpcutking

    AppleTV 4k (2nd) - Randomly Goes into Stand By Mode

    My loved Apple TV has seen better days. It recently (over the past few days) has decided to randomly and without notice, go into stand-by mode. Occasionally it will happen after seeing this pop-up: "Press and hold the power button to shut down." Other times... it gets me in the middle of a...
  17. S

    "This library contains no local media content"

    I've always shared my Photos/iPhotos from my computer to the ATV so we can all enjoy them together on a bigger screen. I haven't done it for a while and now when I wanted to, it doesn't work. I can share other images but it doesn't work when I choose the Photos app in the "Share" part of the...
  18. Juicy Box

    1st Gen Siri Remote on the 2nd Gen ATV4k?

    One of my ATV4K1s has been having issues lately, leading to having to restart it a few times a day. It might be due to the latest tvOS software, or maybe HW issues. Either way, I was thinking about purchasing a new ATV4k2, and moving the problematic ATV4K to a less used TV. But, I was curious...
  19. waqas

    YouTube Playback Speed from Apple TV 4K Paired to HomePod mini

    On my Apple TV 4K (1st gen), which I have set up to pair with one HomePod mini, when I play YouTube videos at double the playback speed, I don't get the sound to properly sync since I am doubled on my speed of playback. The whole sound experience gets real choppy. Is it something people here...
  20. hagjohn

    Apple TV 4K (2021) - purchased movies/TV shows not playing

    I've had 2 different cases in the past week where purchased movies/TV shows do not launch. Once on the last version and once on the current of the OS. I have to reboot the Apple TV in order to get them to launch. Anyone else having this issue?