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apple tv 4k

  1. T

    My new Apple TV 4K keeps 'forgetting' that i am logged in...

    For some reason, on my new Apple TV 4k (2021), it forgets that I am logged in (for my Apple Music & iTunes movies.) Does this happen to anyone else? One thing to know is that i have a different apple id/ email address for everything else...
  2. cemmany

    Mac-mini HDMI audio volume output is lower than Apple TV

    Hi Guys , I have been using Apple TV 4K for all the video and audio playback from my Plex server . Recently I have been collecting some Hi RES music and I became aware that the ATV only does 48 kHz Audio . So I used one of my Mac mini to listen to the Hi Res music , the Mac mini was handling...
  3. L

    Can't get apple tv (2021) audio sync to work using Airplay2

    Hi, I'm using the new Apple TV with my projector and then using airplay to stream the audio to Sonos. It works quite well most of the time, but the audio is lagging a little bit and I'm curious to explore the built-in possibility to calibrate the sound so it syncs, but funnily when I press the...
  4. Y

    Laggy screen mirroring on Apple TV 4K Gen 2

    My Apple TV 4K Gen 2 is unusable for screen mirroring from multiple iPhones. The phone’s screen appears but runs at about ~1fps. It’s incredibly choppy and laggy, not usable for videos or even scrolling. Audio works fine. Mirroring the same phone to an ATV 4K Gen 1 in another room works...
  5. G

    How To Watch Imported Video In iMac Apple TV App Library

    I have several movies and tv shows that I bought that show up in the Apple TV library both in the app on all my devices and in the Apple TV itself. I imported two MP4 movies into my iMac Apple TV App Library (they run fine on my iMac), but I cannot see them in the library in the app on any...
  6. S

    tvOS 14.6 broke AirPlay audio from MacBook Pro

    Updated Apple TV to tvOS 14.6 on Monday afternoon and now it seems I can’t AirPlay audio from my MacBook Pro (running High Sierra) to it. Tried several times and no audio comes out. Discovered this issue hours later on Monday night. Last time I used this feature successfully was last Friday...
  7. G

    Home Sharing Not Working With Movies Imported To TV App

    Trying to get Home Sharing working between iMac/MacBook Pro/iPhone/Apple TV. Unfortunately...I'm one of those with two Apple ID's (one regular email that was mainly setup for purchases, the other that was setup for iCloud--however lines are blurred between the two, now...<G>), and...
  8. A

    Apple TV review from a Roku user

    I have a hard time imagining anyone will care, but maybe there's someone out there about to buy an Apple TV who wouldn't mind another review from a possibly unusual perspective. Here's mine over the first weekend. I have been deeply entrenched in the Apple ecosystem as long as I've been using...
  9. Luke2kk

    New Remote - touch capability

    Hello, i ask myself how the touch feature is integrated in the new remote. Will we be able to get the same parallax effect on app icons by moving the thumb slightly over the touch surface of the new "touch ring"? Will we be able to navigate through the start screen the same way we do with the...
  10. M

    Listening to music while using Apple TV

    If I have a HomePod or HomePod mini paired to an Apple TV, can I play music through airplay from my phone, while whatever video I'm watching on the TV is muted, or will the speaker not allow that? Just need to know whether I'll need a separate speaker for that. Thank you very much.
  11. I

    Airplay 2 Sync Issue

    Hi, I apologize if this has been discussed but I didn't see a thread on it. I'm having sync issues between my 2 Apple TVs (4k model) and other airplay 2 targets, including my 2 HomePods. Essentially, the HomePods and other speakers are late compared to the Apple TVs sound. In other words, the...
  12. S

    How can I connect Steam Link on Apple TV 4k directly to a PC using Patchcord (Ethernet)?

    Hi! I have a question about setting up a network for Steam Link on Apple TV 4k. I have an Apple TV 4k that has Steam Link installed, and I have a PC in the next room. Currently, the PC and Apple TV 4k are connected to the same wi-fi network, but it is possible to connect the Apple TV 4k directly...
  13. B

    HomePod Can the homepod mini be a default speaker for Apple TV 4k?

    My homepod can be added asa default speaker but I cannot find the mini for that setting. Can the mini be designated as a default speaker for apple TV?
  14. J

    What's the use for Apple TV with an Android TV?

    Hi all, This is going to sound very naive; but I just bought a TV after 6 years (a Sony with Android TV). My first SmartTV I've been using Apple TV for years and love it; but with the Smart TV, having both seems redundant. What's the use of an Apple TV with a SmartTV (AndroidTV)? Is there...
  15. V

    HomePod Homepod Mini question - usage with ATV 4K

    I have Apple TV 4K connected to a sound bar - without surround speakers. I would like to get 2 homepod minis and use them as surround speakers. Qn: 1. Can the homepod mini get added to Apple TV for sound playback? 2. Can I hear sound simulatenously from a sound bar connected using HDMI and the...
  16. dannys1

    IOS 14 Apple TV paired with HomePods

    Using the new feature of being able to pair HomePods to the Apple TV - it’s actually quite a large change. It bonds the HomePods and the Apple TV together - now you see one AirPlay 2 device which appears as an icon showing the Apple TV and HomePods speakers. You were always able to chose...
  17. JoeTechnical

    Weird pressure point on my new Apple TV remote

    Hey guys, I just got a second Apple TV 4K for my bedroom tv and I already have an Apple TV 4K in my living room for almost a year now. While the old Apple TV remote gots a perfectly fine pressure point on all buttons, the new remote’s pressure point feels very weird - especially the menu and the...
  18. M

    BBC iPlayer ‘Up Next’ not

    Since the release of TVOS14, anything I watch on the BBC iPlayer doesn’t seem to be logging in the UpNext function. Up Next doesn’t seem to realise I’ve watched a show. Is this happening with anyone else?
  19. M115CLE

    Apple TV 4K - Dolby Atmos Stuttering

    Hey folks, I’ve just bought an Apple TV 4K along with the Belkin Ultra HD High Speed 4K HDMI cable from Apple Store. When I’m watching something whether it be Tehran on Apple TV+, American Sniper from my Library in the TV app or Mulan on Disney+ app, I’m getting the audio stuttering. As soon...
  20. P

    Lock Screen Interrupts airplay from youtube ios app to apple tv.

    I have a youtube premium account and i often time airplay videos from my iPhone YouTube app to apple tv. With YT premium, I can background play the YT videos and airplay it to apple tv. Since I upgraded to ios14 and tvOS 14, every time I airplay videos to apple tv, the video stops when the...