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Apple TV+ forgetting I have a subscription


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Jun 28, 2008
Like many, I have a free 1 year subscription to Apple TV+ expiring at the end of October.

Some days ago, while I was watching Apple TV+, I got a weird screen that said something like 'logging out' (I can't remember the details). After that, Apple TV+ did not acknowledge my subscription.

In settings, I confirmed that my Apple ID (to which the subscription is tied) was still listed under accounts. The subscription is listed under settings on my iOS devices and it works on my iOS devices and other Apple TV 4K. I exited the app and re-entered, but that did not work. I force quit the app and that did not work. Restarting the Apple TV did work.

Fast forward to yesterday, when I go to watch an Apple TV+ show, I'm given the option to watch a free episode or start a free trial. I verified the same conditions I mentioned above and tried everything but this time nothing works to 'restore' the subscription.

Anyone else with this issue? Any known solutions?
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