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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today announced that it has renewed Apple TV+ series "Servant" for a third season ahead of its second season premiere on January 15, 2021.

"Servant" was one of the first shows on Apple TV+, and it was popular with Apple TV+ subscribers. Apple renewed it for a second season not long after the first season debuted.

"Servant" is a horror thriller produced by M. Night Shyamalan, who has also directed a few of the episodes. The series follows a Philadelphia couple who are in mourning after losing their child. Their baby, Jericho, is replaced by a reborn doll that the mother thinks is real, and a strange nanny, Leanne, is hired to look after the doll. After Leanne arrives, bizarre things start happening to the family.

Apple says the 10-episode second season will "take a supernatural turn" with a darker future for all involved as Leanne returns to the brownstone and her true nature is revealed.

The show stars Lauren Ambrose, Nell Tiger Free, Rupert Grint, and Toby Kebbell. The full first season of "Servant" is available on Apple TV+.

Article Link: Apple TV+ Series 'Servant' Renewed for Season 3


Nov 17, 2018
Correct me if I’m wrong but do we even have second seasons of any of their shows yet?


May 4, 2012
This wasn't bad. The Morning Show was good and I liked For All Mankind, but that's nowhere near enough to have me renew the subscription when this free year runs out.
I am subscribing at the moment...but only because they are crediting my subscription back each month...I don’t why they are, they just emailed me a few months ago and said they will until January?


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Aug 1, 2013
the show is kind of dumb but I am happy its renewed - I still watch it and Apple needs the content
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Aug 1, 2013
My guess is that they don't want to see a collapse in subscriber numbers, even if they are free. I know we've had the pandemic but the lack of content has been shocking.
I think for Apple - the issue is more the lack of library content - Disney with only 2 premium shows (Mandalorian and Hamilton) were able to accumulate 86.3m subscribers - meanwhile, my kids (7/10) are having a blast enjoying all that library content with no care about new premium content.


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Apr 21, 2004
Correct me if I’m wrong but do we even have second seasons of any of their shows yet?
Not a lot but I’m happy to see them renewing. Especially Gems such as Ted Lasso, which is such a great show. Unlike Netflix that puts an Axe on popular show I hope Apple doesn’t succumb to this and cancel shows prematurely without allowing them to build up an audience.


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Mar 3, 2004
UK, Europe
Ted Lasso’ and ‘Servant’ are great.

Also I’d recommend checking out more than an episode of ‘Trying’, it’s very sweet.

It would have been great if Apple had co-produced ‘Normal People’ with the BBC for TV+ instead of Hulu. Adapting literary novels - using a talented creative team & cast - for TV has great potential for excellent TV programmes, possibly a string of them at that.


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Jul 13, 2008
I have only seen a few episodes, but Congratulations to however they manage to make this premise work for more than one season ...

The Cappy

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Nov 9, 2015
Dunwich Fish Market
No, it comes out on Jan 15th...always spoils a little bit when these announcements come out before the next series comes out...sort of inhibits guessing the narrative.
I don't think this kind of show is done with a specific story in mind. It's a situation. They've got a creepy vibe going, and they have in mind some ways to keep twisting it over time. But there's no conclusion planned, I suspect. It's like Friday 13th movies. They can't defeat Freddy, and frankly those types of narratives have far less tension (for me anyway) for that reason. He'll do what he does, pretty much get away with it, rinse and repeat.


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Mar 31, 2017
Correct me if I’m wrong but do we even have second seasons of any of their shows yet?
This is to counter the Netflix method of canceling shows early. Apple is, in effect, reassuring customers that it's worth it for them to "buy into" their shows, and the creatives/creators will be allowed to create their vision uninterrupted. It's a major breath of fresh air.


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Aug 24, 2018
Have you ever ridden a roller coaster for the first time, and you slowly go up that hill waiting for that awesome drop - you top the hill and are expecting the greatest drop ever, but ... it peters out to a little tiny downhill and you're all kinds of disappointed? THAT was Servant. Meh, give me negative season 1.
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