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Apr 12, 2001

The cable that connects the Vision Pro battery pack to the headset for power purposes appears to be fixed in place, but it can in fact be removed if necessary.


Journalist Ray Wong was able to use a SIM card pin to "unlock" the cable, and after he did that, it was able to be removed from the battery pack. There is a small hole located next to the cable, which is apparently a locking mechanism.

The cable that attaches the battery pack to the headset looks similar to a Lightning cable, but it has too many pins to be Lightning. Instead, it is a proprietary cable that won't be able to be connected to other accessories or used for another purpose.

Apple likely made the cable removable so that it can be swapped out without the need to replace the entire battery pack should the cable get damaged in some way.

The Vision Pro ships with one battery, and additional modules can be purchased for $199 each. Each battery powers the Vision Pro for somewhere around two to three hours depending on content. The battery also has a USB-C port that can be used with a USB-C cable for charging the battery, with passthrough charging supported.

Article Link: Apple Vision Pro Battery Pack Power Cable is Removable
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Sep 18, 2018
The EU gave an audible sigh of relief as the slow and greedy dragon had finally been regulated once and for all.

However, as the Old World turned its back to the beast, two of its severed heads slowly started moving again. They were moving towards each other. They were morphing and joining the other severed heads, turning into something new, something more menacing and vile than our hero could have ever imagined.

It was.. no it couldn't be..

but.. the legends.. no, couldn't be true..

but they were.. it was.. a Double Lightning cable!

"Now, you will pay us two times the MFi fee pr. cable sold and we will not upgrade the port specs for at least another decade. Did we mention Double Lightning is USB 1.0 tech and charging speeds are limited to 2.5W? With Double Lightning, The Dawn of Proprietarity will enrobe the Earth beyond 2024 and enrich the shareholders with profit margins like never seen before!", the foul monster cried out with an ear piercing screech.

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Does this theoretically mean someone could make an adapter or bigger third party battery it can be attached too?

Theoretically, it could mean anything. I hope there is a better reason for engineering TWO new kinds of proprietary connectors than "when you need a new cable, you must buy it only from us*" TBD.

*and I dread seeing the price for THAT cable.


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Jun 27, 2007
So Lightning lives on in a hidden, cursed form!

I noticed that hole in MKBHD’s video and wondered if that hole was a pin release. Wish they would just stop it with the proprietary connectors, though.

I get needing a lock on the headset, seems like you could design a mechanism to lock USB-C! Like an indent on the cable. Maybe they didn’t want people plugging it straight into the wall, because maybe the battery has some other voltage regulation hardware? Only a matter of time before the EU gets pissed, which works out for Apple because then everyone will need new battery packs.
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