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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by tedwill, Oct 3, 2017.

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    I was just informed (after I received my Apple Watch 3) that I may be moving to Dublin Ireland from the US. I've read that the Apple Watch 3 may not work in other countries. Is that true? If so, we all know that there are a limited number of LTE bands. Could the watch work in other countries if I contacted the provider or worked through Apple? Or it is a hard code limitation? Is there a potential software update that may be in the works to correct that shortcoming?


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    It might work but not very likely. There are 3 regional versions of the Watch: Americas, China, and Europe/Asia Pacific. Unlike iPhone, there isn't a worldwide Apple Watch Series 3 model that supports all cellular bands used globally, so it isn't possible for Apple Watch to roam.

    Here is the link where you can compare the LTE Bands of the 3 models.


  3. 0970373 Suspended

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    LTE will not work at all since I don't believe any IE carriers are supporting it. But furthermore, Ireland uses bands 1,3, 8, 20. The US Watch has none of those. Even if an Ireland carrier were to start supporting the Watch, the US version still wouldn't work on their network. A software update won't fix a hardware limitation.
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    It’s literally a hardware limitation. You should still be in your return window though? I’d just return it.
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    Or: buy now, and trade your US Apple Watch to one of your new Irish colleagues whose job will soon be returning to America! Win-win!

    Edit: forgot to add the appropriate animoji but I don’t have an iPhone X yet.

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