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Apr 12, 2001

Kevin Lynch, who is well known at Apple for overseeing work on the Apple Watch, is set to take on a role leading the development of the Apple Car, reports Business Insider.


Several sources within Apple told Business Insider that Apple has been called on to help lead the Apple Car project, which has undergone several shifts in leadership over the years.

Right now, Apple Car development is overseen by John Giannandrea, Apple's AI and machine learning chief who took over the reins from Bob Mansfield after Mansfield retired in 2020. Rumors about the Apple Car have suggested that leadership issues and internal strife have impacted the project, which is perhaps no surprise given what a massive undertaking it is.

Prior to bringing the Apple Watch to fruition, Lynch worked at Adobe and helped create Creative Cloud, plus he has worked on Apple's healthcare strategy team, so he has a diverse background. Business Insider says that his title will not change and he will continue to be involved with both the Apple Watch and Apple's health initiatives, but he is stepping back from Jeff Williams' health care staff and will be replaced by director of health software engineering Evan Doll on that team.

Apple is now at a stage where it is sourcing components, talking with suppliers, and making deals with manufacturing partners for the Apple Car, requiring more hands-on help from experienced executives within Apple.

Work on an Apple Car is still in the early stages and multiple sources have said that a finished self-driving vehicle could be released sometime between 2025 to 2028. We have more on the development of the Apple Car in our Apple Car roundup.

Article Link: Apple Watch Chief Kevin Lynch to Work on Apple Car Development


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Mar 16, 2019
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Mansfield came back to deal with the car project, and he's left again...and they left the AI guy in charge. That's bad, because the AI guy never ships anything. AI is not a product, it's a technology in search of problems.

The AW dude at least shipped a product that iterated its way to success. Really, they weren't quite sure what the AW was supposed to be - they thought it would be more of a social thing at first. They quickly pivoted when the market told them something different.

With a car, well, the requirements for a car have been known for decades. The only real questions are execution and "what extra does Apple bring to the table?"


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Jun 7, 2007
Isn't it possible he learned something from his Apple Watch experience?
I'm sure he learned a lot but there's zero synergy between Apple Watch and Car engineers. Apple TV engineer would have made more sense since most of the Apple Car will be about content consumption for users.
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