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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by andrewsjra, Feb 19, 2018.

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    I have a Apple Watch series 3 with LTE and I’ve observed my watch reboot to the Apple logo 2 times since I’ve had it over the past 3 months. That’s not to say it’s happened more as I don’t look at it every second. The first time was when I had it on a charger. The second while I was wearing it the other day. I contacted Apple care and the guy had me unpair and re pair my watch amongst other things. When I tried to unpair I receive the following error message. It’s funny cause it tells me to go to my settings on my watch to reset it but I can’t because it asks me to re pair my phone to my watch. This happens every time I select reset on my iPhone Watch app. When the Apple advisor had me run a diagnostic on my watch it got stuck trying to run and I was unable to disconnect on my watch and phone causing me to have to reboot my phone. Once I did that I reset my watch again. If I do a reset on the settings from my watch, the error message doesn’t occur. Only happens if I select reset from my phone. Anyways after all this the Apple advisor ran a diagnostic check and said everything checked out fine. The problem is that once you reset/unpair your phone, the data from your phone crashing resets. So she was unable to determine the cause of my crash. Anyone else experience similar issues?

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    I know if it happened again, and got hung like that, the watch would go directly back to the Apple store, and I would get a replacement before I left. Sounds to me like an intermittent failure of one of the components inside the watch, the component whatever it is, is failing, or dying, if you will, but hasn't completely failed yet. It will. Probably at the most inconvenient time for you, electronics know these things.
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    Just curious what watch and phone OS are you currently running?
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    I’m running iOS 11.25 on my iPhone X and OS 4.2.2 on my series 3 LTE Watch.
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    I do have Apple care so I’m not too concerned with being able to get a replacement. I have read though of people replacing there’s and the replacement watch does the same thing. I’m going to wait and see if it happens again. I have almost 2 years left on my warranty so it’s not a problem
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    My .02¢ I'd take it to Apple asap and get a new one. If others are having the same problem, they may be able to use yours to help find a resolve.

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