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Apr 12, 2001

Apple's newsroom and leadership pages are both currently experiencing some errors, leading to the appearance of some changes to Apple's leadership.


From our knowledge, Apple's leadership and newsroom pages have been throwing up errors for the past two hours or so, and it seems to be that Apple is making server-side changes. In an oddity of those changes, Apple mistakenly listed Phil Schiller as Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing, a role he stepped down from in August of last year to become an Apple Fellow. Apple moments later took down Schiller's biography and the entirety of the leadership page.

Apple's website accidentally reinstated Phil Schiler as SVP of marketing

Apple's newsroom is where the company issues press releases, updates, and more, while the leadership page lists all of Apple's executives. No other pages on Apple's website currently seem to be impacted, and it remains unclear whether this is simply an error or telling of something more coming soon. We'll update this post when there are any changes.

Update: Moments after we published this article, Apple's newsroom and leadership pages were reverted back to their normal states, correctly listing Greg Joswiak as the SVP of marketing and Phil Schiller as an Apple Fellow.

Article Link: Apple Website Experiencing Errors, Briefly Reinstates Phil Schiller As Senior VP of Marketing [Update: Fixed]
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Aug 14, 2007
I really miss Phil during hardware launches. But I can't imagine him in a recorded video with green screen CGI. Phil is a podium animal.

He always seemed so nervous and awkward though... not a natural public speaker I'd say.


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Dec 16, 2008
Hehe. Finally some cool harmless rumour thing on Macrumors :)

The explanation is probably that someone published an older site or older backup, and then they published the new one.

A bit of exiting food for the rumour mill ;)


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Apr 26, 2013
Has a degree in Biology. Just one of the many people who left college/university with a degree in a subject field they did not use or pursue.
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