Apple whoop acquisition???


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Nov 15, 2016
Just thinking out loud here but I think that an Apple / Whoop Acquisition would be even more dominant in the wearables market, and would allow Apple to add depth and expand into a fitness/pro subscription model for serious athletes and fitness fanatics (like they used Beats for Apple Music framework and the wearables market). I would see it as follows

  • Instead of purchasing an Apple nike watch (year free subscription to the Apple pro Activity app that would be $5 per month the same as Arcade), you would get whoop baked into the watch or an additional fee for the Whoop band (battery drain on the watch would factor)
  • Apple would be able to really compete with Garmin and Strava
  • Another strand to the celebrity beats sector with a pro stats and analytics training


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Sep 9, 2009
Until reading this here post, I'd never heard of "Whoop," and I tend to be a pretty tech-savvy kind of guy. Not a fan of Apple these days, but hang out just to stay informed and see what's going on. I'm also fairly well aware of the fitness area, being something of a fitness guy myself and hanging out with others very into fitness. And I still had never heard of it.

The market for this kind of thing would seem to be very small: those that are willing to pay for yet another subscription for fitness.

Apple is already absolutely dominating the wearables market so implying they need to "compete with Garmin and Strava" is misguided, I feel.

Subscription models are all the rage, but this is not a company I imagine them being interested in buying. Like I said in the beginning of my reply, I'd never even heard of them until now.