Apple you disgust me........

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by wizzerandchips, Dec 19, 2012.

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    ......I have been using your products for 20 years...and before you even opened a store, I was purchasing my products from a company in the UK called KRCS...having purchased all my Apple items from them as an Apple reseller and for their loyalty you treat them like this...(letter I sent to KRCS in the UK today)

    I have today, after visitng your shop in Peterborough, been informed that it is to close this Saturday 22/12/12..due to Apples quite ridiculous terms ! I have been an Apple user Since 1991 and have not even owned a PC. I have been hooked on Apple ever since, and have always used your company for my purchases as much as I can. I have nothing but great admiration for your company in its loyality to Apple, and being a reseller of their products for all these years, only for them to shoot you in the back with their terms they now stipulate for a high st reseller . I have always found the shop friendly and very very helpful, sorting out any, albiet few problems I have had with my Mac…Question is now where do I go ? I always thought that one day Apple would open a shop in Peterborough that would be the demise of KRCS…but to find Apple won't because its not viable and yet they expect you to open a shop with a larger area, increasing your costs 3 fold is simply disgusting… and after Saturday there will be nothing, no personal touch, no free help with my Apple products !..i would always support local retail where I could. I realise with internet based purchasing would have an effect on high st sales but theres no replacement for seeing a product face to face, and for the staff to be friendly on a first name basis. Its very sad and a great loss..I wish your staff at Peterborough all the best.

    KInd regards

    Ian Watson
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    Regarding your letter, its business.
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    I to cannot see your problem, times change.

    Here in the Netherlands you can now buy Apple products from various high street outlets, Dixons, Amac, V&D and MyComputer all sell the full range. Once Apple computers were a niche market, but in the last few years not so much. You also have the choice of the Apple online store, plus here you can also buy your Apple computer via a catalogue/ via monthly payments.
  4. wizzerandchips, Dec 19, 2012
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    And when it goes wrong ?...or you have a problem you cannot solve because your kids or wives knowledge of a product is they take it into the shop and they solve it there and then..cant do that at Dixons....KRCS have been a Apple outlet for over 20 years and specialis(Z)e in Apple only..not just an electrical store selling everything.
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    Seriously, when the product breaks call AppleCare and ship it in.
  6. Happybunny, Dec 19, 2012
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    An amac store here in the Netherlands can give you the same service in the store as any Apple store. The others not so much, but hey we have post and courier services. I does sound to me like you are making a fuss about nothing.
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    so I have to wrap it up..courier it....wait a week....get it sent back...when we can walk in the shop...they plug it in and sort it in maybe 5 minutes..apart from that...5 people are made redundant...another empty shop in the high st and we have to travel another 25 miles to an apple store walk ages to the store and have to make an appointment ? when the shop we had served us very well...and to close for what..because Apple wanted them to have a store 3 times the size...for what ? no more does not make any sense what so ever...Apple have lost sales in my opinion to potential non apple users because of the service this shop gave in showing the product. no win for all here.
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    Feb 15, 2005
    How do you know what the terms were to remain a reseller? And who are you to judge that they were ridiculous? Maybe they weren't meeting profit expectations?

    Perhaps Apple required that resellers maintain a roster of employees with a minimum of certifications. Maybe it was your reseller's decision that the cost to train or re-train their staff to Apple's requirements was too high? I would hazard a guess that most people would be more comfortable if they knew that the person working on their computer met certain proficiency requirements.

    Here, in the US, most people will only take cars for maintenance to mechanics or shops that are specialized in their make/model or have attained certain industry proficiency standards (ASE, for example).

    Without knowing more about what Apple asked from this reseller, it's hard to say who, if anyone, is in the wrong. Apple usually has good customer service, at least from my experiences, but they are in the business of making money. Before you fly off the handle, I would at least learn more about the terms that Apple required... they might not have been as "ridiculous" as you're making it sound.

    In the end, Apple has to be concerned with their bottom line, and if your reseller wasn't meeting the expectations set forth by Apple... regardless of how friendly they were... then Apple has every right to cancel or modify business agreements with their partners.
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    Always a day away
    Says the post entitled, "Apple you disgust me......."
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    Agreed. To read the OP, Apple did just to get him.:rolleyes:
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    Is it all the KRCS's closing? I have one just down the road at Merry Hill. I can also get to the apple store in about 40 minutes. Can't you get to one in London as quickly? Do they have one in Cambridge or near there.
    We are living in the age of online sales. Physical shops will be a thing of the past in my lifetime except a few niche markets. Sadly 90% of what KRCS sell can be bought online.
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    their reply:

    Mr Watson,

    I appreciate your kind words in relation to the closure of our Peterborough store. It's been a successful location for us over the years for many reasons, not least of which are our loyal customer base and two ever present members of the team (Chris and Ian).

    I'm sure you'll understand if I don't respond directly to your comments about Apple, suffice to say that a combination of determined landlords and Apple's continued strive for excellence in premises size and location have left us in an untenable position.

    Thank you for your custom.


    Philip Woods
    KRCS Group Ltd
    t: 0115 985 1797

    Registered Head Office
    KRCS Group Limited, Queens Court, Lenton Lane, Nottingham, UK NG7 2NR.
    N 52°55.808', W 1°10.073'

    Registered in England No. 1741640, VAT No. GB 568236710

    Apple Premium Reseller
    Apple Solutions Expert In Education
    Apple Authorised Service Provider
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    Jul 6, 2006

    KRCS have been a reseller for 20 years can buy online or in their shops..the original shop in Peterborough was too small so they relocated to a larger shop that, right in the centre of town, changed there sales significantly. As they only sell Apple and their margins are very tight, they were doing fine, but to be asked to move to a bigger shop, just 50 metres inside the Queensgate centre which would treble the rent was, as the Director of KRCS says, this was untenable, as the cost of fitting the shop out as well as the increased rent, with such small margins for the reseller does not make financial sense, if it did Apple would be opening a store there. We can all buy online, yes its easy..but this leaves high streets empty...this is now becoming a reality showing with large companies selling electrical goods simply closing down. I can tell you the guys that worked in there were passionate about Apple, as are KRCS.


    In the end its greed over reseller customer service,which was second to none in my eyes, Id now have to go to Cambridge apple store, spend ages finding a parking space, wait for ages to see someone....etc etc. Its simple..Apple didnt want to invest in they ask KRCS to invest.
  15. wizzerandchips, Dec 19, 2012
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    Jul 6, 2006
    not yet...but it seems Apple maybe opening stores in Nottingham and Leeds..and yes lets all sit at stuff online..leaving high st ghost towns with more unemployment...good for some maybe..I buy some small items on ebay..but anything electrical I like to see it before I buy..apart from anything else its gets you out..socialise instead of sat at home ordering online and playing video games..becoming insular..then going round with automatic rifles shooting kids because you become a social misfit !

    What KRCS well as Apple stores do...was introduce people to the cant do that online !..hence why Apple wanted more and more stores...High St shops like that of Apple and resellers, with their experiences promote Apple products...maybe thats why their the most successful company in the i've said..with their terms to resellers has caused a lot of Agro for all KRCS customers in the Peterborough area..nothing positive has come from their demands in my eyes...
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    Do you also write a lot of letters to the "Daily Mail" by any chance? :rolleyes:
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    Feb 19, 2005
    I bet this was personal. It is happening just to piss you off.
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    Sep 24, 2010
    What a mature reply to your angry letter.
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    It's sad when your local store closes, but these things happen. It's business.

    Here's another Apple certified engineer in Peterborough they don't sell new Macs but they do everything else repair and advice wise, also training and migration.

    Failing that, there's a really nice little reseller in Northampton called "iStore", in the Grosvenor Centre; there's an Apple Store in Milton Keynes, also Leicester and Cambridge.

    You've flown off the handle here. Apple's products are manufactured in China, in bad working conditions by workers earning peanuts. That's something to actually be disgusted about, not some middle management guy at Apple whose spreadsheet tells him KRCS needs to close because they fall under minimum turnover to be a reseller.

    If you want, try emailing Tim Cook: I don't want to give you false hope, so I must say there's probably a <1% chance of that actually doing anything.
  20. wizzerandchips thread starter macrumors 6502

    Jul 6, 2006

    I did email Tim Cook, and got a reply from the uk/eu Apple director Mark Rogers, pointing me to John Lewis ! Don't think so.
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    Sep 19, 2012
    sucks that a company you supported can't function now. But the people are right. Thats business.
  22. wrkactjob macrumors 65816


    Feb 29, 2008
    LOL....I think some people in the States have to travel further than that.....for some people living just 25 miles from an Apple store would be a luxury!

    Stop moaning!
  23. righteye macrumors 6502

    Aug 29, 2011
    ......Thats Business, Bad business

    My sympathy is with the OP although it's a tough one, i have lost several shops that i used to use for both my jobs (Carpenter Joiner and Photographer) one of the tool shops i traded with for 26 years closed a couple of years ago and it was a big loss (online sellers killed their business) on the other hand i have moved no further than the computer to do this years Christmas shopping.
    Online shopping its the future but it's a big loss to lose all the expertise and service that has been established over many years and in some cases generations, sadly some people may never have experienced this kind of skilled retail so leave some of the crass comments above.
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    New Hampshire, USA
    What were the Apple terms ?
  25. wordoflife macrumors 604


    Jul 6, 2009
    Some people don't have access to an Apple Store within a 6-8 hours drive ...
    Not even in their entire country.

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