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    (edited post, next two replies not as relevant)

    winning a bid on a us keyboard layout MacBook Pro 15 late 2013 - standard warranty runs out Feb 18 so I could extend this by 2 more years.

    Last time I bought AppleCare was for a 2010 mbp amd I bought the AppleCare of fleabay Germany - no issues

    Am I right in thinking AppleCare bought anywhere in the world would work - so a code from USA would work? If I bought from b&h for example do they send the code?
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    I don't think you can extend AppleCare to more than three years from the original purchase. Of course you can buy AppleCare on eBay - but that doesn't mean Apple will fix any problems with your computer after three years. Apple will probably not sell you AppleCare for that computer.
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    It already has Apple care, so you cannot extend it further. You have two warranty options.
    1. Don't buy Apple care and a brand new MBP's default warranty is 1 year.
    2. Buy Apple care within 365 days of purchase of a new mac and you can extend that single year warranty by two years for a full 3 year warranty.

    Since you're buying a laptop that is rolling off of warranty and its a 2013 model, you have no other options warranty wise.
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    Sorry I mean the 12 months standard warranty ends Feb 18 (have just edited by original post) - ive checked the serial and it says you can extend by 2 more years

    So he probably got a refurb or from a reseller somewhere...

    Eligible for the AppleCare Protection Plan
    Get the AppleCare Protection Plan for up to three years of expert telephone technical support and additional hardware service options from your hardware product purchase date.
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    Apple UK gives a standard two year warranty on new purchases. It just never mentions the fact.
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    According to this I would need to contact the seller

    As it's from fleabay Its probably NA

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