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Oct 30, 2012
So the 4S I bought from Swappa has 3 more months of AppleCare+. Although the phone itself is in great condition, the charging cable came in... not so great condition. I was thinking of taking it to the Apple Store mid-January (the post-Christmas return/exchange rush should be over by then, right? :D) and seeing if they can do anything while I am still covered by AppleCare+.

However, I read just yesterday that technically the seller needs to "transfer ownership" or something by faxing some documents to Apple. Does Apple typically actually require this? I'm asking because the seller shipped the phone in the original box that matches the serial number of the phone, and they also unregistered their phone from Apple's My Support Page so that I was able to register the phone with my own Apple ID and name and address.

I'm wondering if this would be enough for most Apple stores to use AppleCare+, because I've bothered this poor seller so much post-sale I would feel kind of guilty harassing them yet again to do something somewhat time-consuming (especially since the phone was their grandmother's, so they likely don't even have the proof of purchase on them). I'm just wondering if people can give me their own experiences with buying used devices with AppleCare+ if they were able to use their AppleCare+ without officially transferring ownership.


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Oct 29, 2006
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As long as the iPhone's serial number shows as covered at, you should be fine.

When I recently sold my iPad 4, I was curious about the same question, so I asked an Apple Store employee who does small device setup and service (also a good friend of mine, not that it's relevant in itself), and he verified what I said in the first paragraph.


Jun 21, 2010
You're fine. I sold my iPhone4 way back with AC on it. The buyer went to Apple the next day and got a replacement. It follows the device.
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