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Apr 12, 2001

If you're currently having trouble sending iMessages to friends and family, you're not alone. Apple's iMessage service appears to be experiencing some kind of outage that is preventing messages from being delivered.


There are multiple complaints about the iMessage outage on Twitter, and MacRumors can confirm that we too are experiencing problems in our Messages testing. In some cases, messages are not being delivered at all, and in other cases, images are not going through.

Apple's System Status page is not reflecting an outage at this time, but various Apple services saw hours-long outages earlier this week.

Update 2:25 p.m. PT: Apple's System Status page suggests that the issue has now been resolved and iMessage is again functional.

Update 3:42 p.m. PT: Apple's System Status page is once again reflecting an issue with iMessage.

Update 4:13 p.m. PT: Apple's system status page says the iMessage outage has been fixed.

Article Link: Apple's iMessage Service Experiencing Issues [Update: Resolved]
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Sep 1, 2021
A bit unrelated but still an Apple service, I don't get it why even though I have a good internet connection and I am able to get a download speed of 4MB/s using a Windows computer but downloading from App Store these past few days takes several minutes for an app update...
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