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    Jul 24, 2001
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    Sound quality?

    Don't count me amongst the whiners since I know I will wind up with one of these sooner or later, but I'm still very curious as to the sound quality. I read the apple site, so I have my hopes up for better than average MP3 quality, but I will have to hear one of these units firsthand before plunking down the cash.
    If this is running on iTunes2, will there be a way to use the equalizer like in iTunes2?
    What about firmware upgrades?
    What about third party hacks?
    ...looking forward to it.

    Anyway, this is pretty freaking cool if you live the jetset or even mundane commute...Every song that you actually like for the ride, a bunch of files, graphics, jokes, porn, whatever to hook up to anybody else's mac on a moments notice. This would've been perfect for my trip to NYC last week, music for the flight, and then video clips and photoshop files to show highlights of my current film project without having to lug my own computer on the airplane and subway.
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    Oct 23, 2001
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    This thing got a lot of potential, a 5 gb hardrive, almost as big as the original drive in my pismo. I promise you guys that they will come out with some nifty software for this little beauty. This will go farther then a nice looking MP3 player.

    And Apple needed something to get some attention away from Microsoft and Xmas is coming the right time to buy some gadgets for you loved ones.

    If I will buy one, maybe my loved one will buy me one?

  3. pupdog macrumors newbie

    Oct 23, 2001

    For all those folks complaining that the iPod should only cost about $90... I'd like to be able to buy a new Mercedes SLK for 6grand, or maybe a Gulfstream for 25Grand too - sad fact is, it costs much more than that to maufacture these items (actual cost of the materials, R&D, labor, shipping, storage... all that biz school crap). I agree, if the iPod werer $90 I'd already have a couple on order, but seeing as how I can barely buy the component drive and a decent pair of headphones fot the price of the iPod, I'm willing to let Apple charge $399. Those of you clamoring for $100 items would be the same ones bitching in 3-6 months about Apple's idiocy in taking a 200% loss on an item just to put it on the market...

    Too bad we all don't have fairy godmothers to help keep our fantasy worlds running smoothly.
  4. akuma macrumors regular

    Sep 5, 2001
    Dividends? I don't think so...

    Last I checked, Apple doesn't pay their shareholders dividends
  5. r_peteranderl macrumors newbie

    Oct 24, 2001
    Cambridge, MA, USA
    the price is right - I guess

    I don't think the $399 is too far off from what the market will bear. I think the closest product you can compare the iPod to is a minidisc recorder: small enough to carry in a pocket, reasonably long battery life (although MD players are by now in the 100 h range), cool looking techno gadget. Sony has been introducing their latest top-of-the-line models at a pretty constant $350 price point, and they seem to be finding buyers. I think that rather than selling computer peripherals Apple is trying to move onto Sony's turf. Music consumers are often willing to spend a whole lot more money than their computer counterparts. Yes, you can buy a $39 CD player at Walmart, but that is of no importance to the audiophile. Aside from that, Apple might not really go after the US market, but after countries where people are keen on small, fancy techno gadgets (Japan comes to mind...)
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    Re: Re: Beholder of Truth

    Yup. You lose.
  7. ebound macrumors member

    Sep 16, 2001
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    Re: Sound quality?

    Each Mp3 on your hard drive will have a different equalizer setting, if you want. So if you switched to a song w/ a different eq setting, it'd change it automatically. When you transfer a song to your iPod, the eq setting will go with it.
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    Aug 26, 2001
    Cleveland, OH
    Re: Re: Beholder of Truth

    Your an idiot. He is completely right. This stuff is expensive, but it's better. You get what you PAY FOR. You can pay less, and get something of lesser quality, or you can pay more and get this. You can buy a Honda Civic with less than 200 HP, or you can buy a Porche with 400+ HP. Which is better? Hmm... lets think. The fact is that better usually = costs more. Get that into your thick head. You make stupid comments, make rash generalizations and are overally ignorant. You're the kind of person that looks at a person wearing any kind of name brand clothing and immediatly thinks they are a poser. If this thing was made by Rio and had the same features, I would be just as excited.

    There are some people that think that just because they don't want a particular thing, they think it is stupid. Whether this is a "sour grapes" thing or not, these people seem to think that it is their god-given duty to ridicule the product, and those who want to buy them. PC trollers are a good example. They think Macs are worthless, so they make judgement on those who use Macs. Now we have idiots who think they know the "truth" about what constitues a good product and how if anyone differs from their "enlightened" opinion, they are mindless sheep following the crowd. Possibly. Or maybe they LIKE THE GOD DAMN PRODUCT.

    If you don't like it, don't buy it, and voice your opinion. DONT make fun of people who want it, and don't make stupid-ass remarks like "loyal like the Taliban." Some people really need to step back and realise what they are saying sometimes.

    So if your an idiot, shut up, you don't deserve to speak. Let those with at least half a brain talk. Just sit at home thinking about how youre alone... but hey, at least youre independent.
  9. jefhatfield Retired


    Jul 9, 2000
    glorified gimmicks sell, servers don't

    being a network tech, i could understand how cool constantly improved servers would be but look at the market and see where networking has been headed

    straight down the tubes (stock wise)...just look at nortel and cisco

    jobs is right in pushing devices with just one computer instead of many computers with hubs and servers, like the late 90s trend

    pushing mac servers right now would be like pushing stock

    devices, no matter how toy like, sell like crazy and this may be a good time for apple since intel had to pull out of that market because they have a real war on their hands right now with AMD in which more and more pc techs like me seem to be thinking AMD is winning...i mean, do we really think Intel's P4 is really that fast?

    ...oh, about that stock
  10. mikedman macrumors newbie

    Oct 24, 2001
    Re: Re: Re: Beholder of Truth

    if that were true we would all be using sparc workstations. More expensive in not always better for what you want to do, in fact the second most expensive product is usually as good or better because that guy has to compete with the dude who has the market clout to charge whatever they want.

    You are correct. People who make rash generalizations are usually rushing to judgement. But people who respond to personal insults with personal insults are making their own rash generalizations and are sinking to that persons level.
    Argue with facts man.

    I wouldn't... the main reason I like this thing is because apple is finaly applying their vast talent pool and insightful design to devices other than Macs. Thier clout with suppliers and demanding standards are what make devices like the iPod possible.

    Here Here the most important vote in a capitalist society is the one made with the pocket book.

    Sorry dude but the entire point of our little country is the fact that those you might consider idiots have a right to voice their opinion. Places where people live by your rules have a name Facist States you don't have to agree with it but people are here to discuss their opinions of an Apple product, not the various traits of the persons posting.

    That said where can I sign up to buy an iPod..... for $299.

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  11. jefhatfield Retired


    Jul 9, 2000
    right on, mike

    299 is it, well said mike and welcome (even if you think with the other half a brain and believe in free speech)

    i use my brain stem to think when it comes to new mac stuff, it's automatic!!!!

    where can i also sign up!!!!!
  12. myassmuh macrumors newbie

    Oct 23, 2001
    re: re: and another thing

    yes it's cool, but it is cost prohibitive. sure you can design and build something nobody else did or can, but this isn't art this is a commodity, and commodities tend to be held hostage to some sort of economic system where people trade stuff for it.

    note also that apple is saying "everyone will want one" - well no ****, but who will pay for one?

    look at rolls royce, bentley, lamborghini, maserati, etc. these producers of exquisite objects had to be saved by more viable businesses because their business model wasn't working, they couldn't develop technologies quick enough and their r&d was ****. and the tech industries are a little more fast-paced and cutthroat than the automotive one.

    the model works okay for the niche apple has developed in the design fields, but why would they move into another market [consumer electronics] and put themselves immediately in a niche?

    yes apple develops cool products, but if they could sometime just make something that not only would everybody want, but more than 5% could afford. notice who the saviors of the auto industry are: vw [bentley, lambo, bugatti]; bmw [rover[kind of], rolls]; fiat/ferrari [maserati]. each of those companies has found a model that works, so well in fact that they had enough extra time/money/peeps to buy someone else and turn them around.

    whatever, i gotta work.
  13. jefhatfield Retired


    Jul 9, 2000
    prohibitive cost?

    since the iPod, I've been glued to more and more

    the cost of of iPod does not sound prohibitive in and of itself, but when i see it in the Apple Store online next to a $799.00 iMac, then i start saying to myself, "For twice the price, I could buy a new iMac!"

    looking at it that way makes the iPod look pricey

    i don't think i am the only one vascillating back and forth on this product...if it were 299.00 or less, i wouldn't feel as hesitant

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