Apples' product matrix has expanded too much

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by cycledance, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. cycledance Suspended

    Oct 15, 2010
    when steve jobs came back he reduced the product diversity at apple. he focused apple and that had a positive effect all around.

    my opinion is that there are too many niche products now, especially: mac mini, mac pro, ipod classic, ipod shuffle, ipod nano, macbook pro without retina display, ipad 2, ipad mini without retina display, iphone 4s. :rolleyes:

    all they need imo:

    11-inch MacBook Air
    13-inch MacBook Air
    15-inch Macbook Pro

    21.5-inch iMac
    27-inch iMac

    Airport Extreme
    Apple TV

    iPod Touch
    iPhone 5s

    iPad Air
    iPad mini with Retina Display

    i'd also reduce the number of models and customizations drastically.

  2. rdowns macrumors Penryn


    Jul 11, 2003
    In 1997, Apple was a $7 billion a year corporation that was losing money. The Jobs product matrix was needed to help right the ship.

    In 2012, Apple earned $8.2 billion in PROFIT in ONE QUARTER and still has relatively few products, especially if you compare them to others.
  3. Dulcimer macrumors 6502a


    Nov 20, 2012
    Ahh, the perennial desire of many an Apple fan to limit a little thing called "options."

  4. needfx macrumors 68040


    Aug 10, 2010
    macrumors apparently
  5. TSE macrumors 68030

    Jun 25, 2007
    St. Paul, Minnesota
    I tend to agree with OP, actually.

    But I trust Apple knows what is best for business, if they lost money on a product I'm sure they wouldn't put it out there. My lineup and what I'd like to see:

    Consumer portable:

    11" MacBook Air rebranded as just "MacBook" - starting at $999
    13" MacBook Air rebranded as just "MacBook" - starting at $1299
    iPad Mini - $299
    iPad Mini w/ Retina Display - starting at $399
    iPad - starting at $499
    iPhone 5C - starting at $99 on contract

    Professional Portable:

    15" MacBook Pro - starting at $1999
    iPhone 5S - starting at $199 on contract

    Consumer desktop:

    Mac Mini - Starting at $599
    21.5" iMac - Starting at $1299
    27" iMac - Starting at $1799
    27" 2560x1440 Thunderbolt Display - $799

    Professional desktop:

    Mac Pro - Starting at $2999
    30" 4k Thunderbolt Display - $1499


    iPod Shuffle - $49
    iPod Touch - $149
    iPod Classic - $249
  6. Peace macrumors Core


    Apr 1, 2005
    Space--The ONLY Frontier
    Most of those diverse apple products were the brainchild of Steve jobs.
  7. MyMac1976 macrumors 6502


    Apr 14, 2013
    Yea, it's way too complex! So many options how am I to decide??? :rolleyes:
  8. ElectronGuru macrumors 65816

    Sep 5, 2013
    Oregon, USA
    He wasn't killing choices, a marketing move. He was killing unworthy products and focusing resources. He literally sat each dept head down and made them justify their existence.

    It would not make sense to create all the different iPods now, but leaving them all 'running' isn't costing much. And shows continued dominance of the segment while honoring the iPod's roll in restoring the company.
  9. cycledance thread starter Suspended

    Oct 15, 2010
    i can only speak for myself...but yea i do spend quiet a lot of time finding the right products from the apple portfolio.
  10. Rogifan macrumors Core


    Nov 14, 2011
    So basically you want to limit choice and a low cost option for people?
  11. sdilley14 macrumors 65816

    Feb 8, 2007
    Mesa, AZ
    Seems like a fine product mix to me. Not too expansive, allows for plenty of customization without being overwhelming. The mix of product offerings all make sense together, too. Once they start offering standalone blu-ray players, surround sound receivers, and vaccum cleaners...then we might have a problem with a messy, bloated product portfolio.
  12. NewbieCanada macrumors 68030

    Oct 9, 2007
    A wrong decision could truly be explosive in its consequences!

    Anyway, if Apple was purely focused on the bottom line it would sell iPhones and iPads, nothing else.
  13. cube macrumors Pentium

    May 10, 2004
    I thought you meant that the company is too much iPhone/iPad now.

    They actually don't have a laptop for people doing heavy (not even extreme) work.
  14. cycledance thread starter Suspended

    Oct 15, 2010
    huh? macbook pro retina 15" ?
    u can do heavy work on the air too. especially with an external display.
  15. MyMac1976 macrumors 6502


    Apr 14, 2013
  16. cycledance thread starter Suspended

    Oct 15, 2010
    that's exactly what i am talking about. scrap these niche products.
    how many desktop pro workstations (mac pros) does apple sell? now how many mobile pro workstations would apple sell? probably a few thousand.

    can't wait to see how many mac pros they will sell. they better add 4k displays and updated pro apps.
  17. MyMac1976 macrumors 6502


    Apr 14, 2013
    We all know what you want but we disagree, it's OK we're allowed to do that.
  18. maflynn Moderator


    Staff Member

    May 3, 2009
    [MOD NOTE]
    Lets stay on topic. People can post diverse and opposing opinions. Lets keep to the topic and not get personal.
  19. nick9191 macrumors 68040

    Feb 17, 2008
    It doesn't matter how many products there are as long as the differentiation is there between them. The problem in 97 was not the amount of products but that the average consumer, nay the average rocket scientist had difficulty deciding on which model to buy.

    Half range was actually duplicated so you'd have one machine sold as another machine under different branding. Like the Macintosh Performa was just a rebranded Quadra, Centris, LC or PowerMac. Then to make it even more confusing you'd have different models of Performa that were exactly the same machine, just configured with slightly different software or maybe an extra few megs here and there of storage/memory.

    Now we have a product range that is easy to differentiate between. You can assess your needs and narrow it down to 1 or 2 products. Do I need a Mac Mini or an iMac? Do I need an iMac or Mac Pro? Do I need a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro? You get where I'm going.
  20. vvswarup macrumors 6502a

    Jul 21, 2010
    This is what I don't get. People say that Apple doesn't have a broad enough product mix which gives the consumer choices. They criticize Apple for a "one size fits all" approach and point to Samsung as an example of a company that offers the consumer plenty of choice.

    Yet, here is this thread which says that Apple's product matrix is too broad.
  21. rdowns macrumors Penryn


    Jul 11, 2003

    You sure about that? Their Mac business alone is a Fortune 200 (something like #150) company.
  22. NewbieCanada macrumors 68030

    Oct 9, 2007
    Well yes, that's true, but of course even pretty small slices of Apple are pretty big companies.

    I'm guessing though (could be completely wrong) that while the revenues for the Mac side are about the same as for the iPad side, the profit margin is lower.

    But there's also other benefits. Every MacBook is a mobile advertisement for Apple.

    But mainly I was engaging in a little reductio ad absurdum
  23. PracticalMac macrumors 68030


    Jan 22, 2009
    Houston, TX
    I think Apple has it right, but does need a large iPad.

    Apple is in a position they can offer more variety, and the big sellers, phones and tablets, need the variety to be more attractive.
  24. TarrantHightopp macrumors newbie

    Jul 23, 2011
    The product lineup I imagine as the most optimal, if I were running Apple.

    Laptops: 11, 13, 15 inch Macbook Airs, all with retina displays, ULV processors, super thin and light profiles.
    12, 13, 15 inch Macbook Pros, all retina, performance oriented, dGPUs or exceptionally advanced iGPUs, more ports, etc...
    Desktop class: Mac Mini, Mac Pro, iMac with Retina.
    Tablets: iPad Air, iPad Mini
    Specialty : Something between MacBook Air and an iPad Pro. That's theoretical, not really in the mood to brainstorm the reasons why and what not.
    Phones: Plastic Lower Tier Color iPhone, 4 and 5 inch screen. Upper tier 4 inch iPhone. Upper tier 5 inch iPhone with exact same specs but with a larger screen.
    iPods: iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Touch, audio oriented iPod Classic with large capacity SSD and excellent sound quality.
    Apple TV Box, Apple 4K TV Display
  25. MacNut macrumors Core


    Jan 4, 2002
    What is Apple's low cost option? Honest question, the cheapest computer is $999. Apple has high end and then 1% high end.

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