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Apr 12, 2001

Apple now plans to release a new 27-inch display with mini-LED backlighting in October due to the Shanghai lockdown, which has resulted in production of the display being delayed, according to display industry consultant Ross Young.


In a tweet, Young said Apple is in the process of moving production of the display from Quanta Computer to a different supplier and/or location, resulting in a delay. Young said it is now looking like the display will be released in October, whereas he previously claimed the display was on track for a June release, around Apple's developer conference WWDC.

Mini-LED backlighting would pave the way for the display to feature ProMotion with a variable refresh rate up to 120Hz. This could result in the display essentially being a "Studio Display Pro," but it's unclear if Apple would use that branding. Additional details are still unknown, including pricing. The existing Studio Display starts at $1,599.

Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, has in the past accurately revealed that the sixth-generation iPad mini would feature an 8.3-inch display and that the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models would feature ProMotion.

Article Link: Apple's Rumored 27-Inch Mini-LED Display Now Said to Launch in October
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Jul 4, 2019
Montreal, Canada
Mini-LED backlighting would pave the way for the display to feature ProMotion with a variable refresh rate up to 120Hz
How so? Mini-LED backlight would not change the Thunderbolt bandwidth limitation at all, and to my knowledge, it’s not possible to allow 5K 120hz, except using DSC (which is still irrelevant to the backlighting technology)


Nov 17, 2020
I don’t think it will be called the Studio Display Pro. Maybe the Studio Display XDR, and sell it for $3999. I think the current XDR Display will be replaced with an updated model, possibly with a higher refresh rate or resolution, to go along with the new AS Mac Pro.


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Jun 12, 2005
iPad 3 and 2019 15" Macbook Pro owners felt the same way before the iPad 4 and 16" Macbook Pro came out months later...
Those lines are still much more frequently updated compared to displays. And Apple never sold two displays of the same size before.

Tyler O'Bannon

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Nov 23, 2019
This is a weird rumor. Why would they release within months a version that only adds MiniLED? 120 Hz is not possible due to Thunderbolt limitations. Unless this is a spec upgrade option available (hopefully no more than $500), another product so close after is just strange.

one things for sure, time will tell…
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