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Apr 12, 2001

Apple shares crossed the $200 mark in intraday trading today, setting a new all-time high for the company's stock.


Apple's stock is up over five percent since the market closed on Tuesday, after the company reported a record-breaking $53.3 billion in revenue, meeting the high end of its guidance and topping Wall Street expectations.

All eyes are on the AAPL ticker as Apple hovers ever so close to a trillion dollar valuation, but the company's precise market cap can't be determined until Apple files its quarterly 10-Q form today with an updated total of outstanding shares.

Article Link: Apple's Stock Price Crosses $200 Mark to Reach New All-Time High


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Jun 27, 2007
Central U.S.
I sold at $115 when it dropped down to around $95 or whatever a couple years ago. I'm really bad at stocks but learning. Now I've got a lot of my money in Wealthfront and it's a whole lot less stressful. Less lucrative but less stressful.
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Jul 10, 2008
Looking good. I bought a lot of stock years ago at around $3/share. Everyone told me I was throwing my money away. The return at this point has been phenomenal. Have to be willing to hold and not sell early like so many did. Stick it out long term.

Also have to know when to sell and cut your losses. In this case there haven't been any losses but far too many will continue to hold and ride it down (like many have done with BitCoin for instance).
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Dec 30, 2017
I respectfully beg to disagree. With a P/E ratio under 20, they are totally in rational investment territory. And they are a money-making machine, reliable and professional and forward thinking, without any games to prop up their stock price. If we were talking about Amazon, I would agree with you totally. Where else would you put your money and feel like you can sleep at night?


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Sep 7, 2011
Looking good. I bought a lot of stock years ago at around $3/share. Everyone told me I was throwing my money away. The return at this point has been phenomenal.

it was a risky move, But in the Stock market, that's how it generally works. the more risk you take the greater chance of reward. it's all about percentages. Buying at $3 means a $3 increase equals a double of your value.

However, buying at $100 and a $3 increase is barely enough to cover the cost of the transaction, but the volatility is far less risky.

Congrats on the good fortune!


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Jan 23, 2002
East Coast
Tbh this is just too much, they barely turn a dividend, the price is purely based on speculation and emotion...
Speculation and emotion???? Are you kidding?

The speculation that Apple is about to go out of business and the emotion of hate is what keeps AAPL down. It's trading at 18 P/E and it's only that high because of the recent run up.

If AAPL was treated like Google, it'd would have crossed $200 years ago.


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Oct 15, 2008
I own Apple stock, but the "doom and gloom" symptoms don't happen overnight. I think AAPL is a mediocre consumer company nowadays, but to its shareholders they are great.

Safe bet is to put limits on your AAPL stock and re-buy on the swing if/when there is one. I've done it with AAPL many times, and it's been pretty straightforward to ride the wave since they split.
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Jul 10, 2008
Jim Cramer was saying this was a $300 stock last night.

Jim has a long history of garbage performance in his picks. A number of studies have shown his picks consistently under-perform the market.

He's the guy that for years said Apple was garbage. Had you ignored him and invested $10k in Apple at the time, you'd have millions today.
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