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    I have a couple of questions that I'm hoping someone can answer for me about the new AppleTV 4K

    1. I have a 4K TV but it is not HDR compatible. I'm assuming this will not be a problem, and I will still be able to get a 4K picture, but without HDR. Is that correct?

    2. What type of HDMI cable will I need. Is it HDMI 2.0 (High Speed With Ethernet) ?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    1. You should be fine.

    2. Ok, never mind

    Edit- Actually it does not come with one. Kind of crummy, my ATV 3 came with one. Just find a cable capable of HDMI 2.0. Ethernet capability isn't necessary.

    I prefer to get my cables here. Just bought one because I didn't realize the ATV 4K wasn't going to come with one.
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    Just be aware that 4K is much more demanding than 1080p. If you have a complicated or long signal path or a very high data rate you may have to upgrade to a better cable. One of my paths goes from DirecTV to an Oppo to my receiver and finally (via a 6 foot cable) to my 1080p TV. For some reason I started getting DHCP errors. I found this review of cables, found an Audioquest Carbon cable on eBay at a great price and my problems disappeared.

    The bottom line is that the functionality of an HDMI cable is dependent upon the cable's construction, length (over 5 meters is problematic), certification (HDMI 2.0 or 2.1 which will go to 48 Gbps), and electronics in the signal chain. If you have a simple installation (just, say, a connection between an Apple TV and your television) then an inexpensive cable will likely work. But as you add more components, increase the total signal path length, push more data such as 4K 60 Hz, you may start running into problems.
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    monoprice or cablewholesale will have certifed premium HDMI cables starting at $3.99. These are what are recommended for 4k/HDR for 18gbps bandwidth. I have several of them. Cheap and they work.
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