appletv 4k

  1. michial

    ATV HDR transmission

    Just bought a 4KATV and pairing it with an OledC9 I notice it always transmits as though it were broadcasting HDR even when it is not. I have my settings at 4K HDR 60 with 4:2:2 as is the correct representation with my TV capabilities. However, it’s error of always transmitting HDR when it isn’t...
  2. divinedotcomedy

    AppleTV 4K Screensaver limit for iCloud Library?

    Hoping someone can help! I have a shared iCloud library with around 2,000 photos in it. I’ve set my AppleTV screen saver to use photos from this library when plays music or goes to sleep but it only seems to show a limited number of these photos and a lot of repeats. I am sure when I looked into...
  3. S

    Apple TV doesn't want to work with Homesharing

    I am completely thwarted by tvOS at the moment. I've been trying like crazy to get my digital music to play through my home theater. I currently have an aTV4K running the current OS, and a 2017 iMac on Mojave. Homesharing is enabled on both pieces. My library is hosted via iTunes on the iMac...
  4. G

    Sharing homemade movies app for ATV4

    Is there an app or an easy way to share familyvideos with other family members, on a Apple TV?
  5. clcnyc

    ATV 4K internet speed issue

    Wondering if anyone else is having this issue with the Apple TV 4K: For the past month or so, I've noticed when switching from a show on Hulu back to ATV main menu, the screen is black for way too long (almost a full minute) before actually returning to the menu. I also see the spinning circle...
  6. arkmannj

    AppleTV Cache settings or downloading media?

    Is it possible to adjust cache settings, or to download purchased iTunes content to the AppleTV? I'd love if my kids were not consuming bandwidth to rewatch Trolls/Tangled/Moana over and over and over. I bought the 64GB AppleTV 4K. I'd use Infuse or Plex but they can't authenticate the...
  7. appleguy

    AppleTV 4K displaying Green Box when playing movies

    I just got myself a brand new Panasonic OLED 4K TV. I have had a AppleTV4K for a while just had my 4K movies off to the side until I got this. Went to play one last night. I get nothing but a Green Screen (The Size of the Movie) when playing the movie in Plex The sound plays. This happens if the...
  8. B

    AirPlay TV Problem

    Howdy All, I’ve looked for this specific AirPlay issue in the forums and can’t seem to find a similar situation. I am trying to play a video from either my iPad or iPhone onto my 4K Apple TV. I am able to mirror both devices, but when I go to play a video from my iPhone the phone and Apple...
  9. R

    HomeKit AppleTV and HomeKit

    Hi, since iOS 11.4 AppleTV shows up in the Home app. I was just wondering what I can do with it within the app?
  10. G

    Apple TV 4k - black screen & lag when starting videos

    Recently I've been getting a black screen & lag when starting videos on my Apple TV 4k 64 gb. It's frustrating. I don't know if it has to do with HDR settings? Maybe a recent update broke something? Anyone else having this issue?
  11. mmm1345

    Apple TV 4k 5.1 Audio Problems on ATV?

    Ever since the 11.02 patch a few months ago, my AppleTV will not play 5.1 Audio on a consistent basis. I hear audio scrolling through the navigation menu and when I'm in the iTunes Extras menu, but when I click to play something nothing happens. None of the updates have fixed the issue, when I...
  12. amasterpiz

    Amazon Prime Video is out !!!!

    Finally, Amazon prime is out and works with watch now!!! Hopefully is for everyone
  13. S

    Siri Remote Battery Life Questions

    Hi, I got my Apple TV 4K on the 28th of September. I charged the Siri remote to 100%. Today, a month later, it is at 20%. Is this normal? I thought these should last for months? Can others share their experiences on the Siri remote battery life Thanks
  14. B

    Bad Picture Stuttering on Apple TV4K...I'm losing my mind here!

    Hey everyone, New to the forum, so hopefully I'm in the right place! A little setup: I got my Apple TV 4K on Friday. Previously I was using 3rd generation Apple TVs in the living room and my office, and have a 4th generation in the bedroom. The only 4k TVs in the house are in the living room...
  15. psionicsin

    Apps Access Folders/Files from Mac via VLC on ATV4/5?

    Hey guys, I just can't seem to figure this out with VLC on Apple TV, and sharing folders to view form my Mac. What are the exact steps of what I need to first do on my Mac, in order to browse folders and watch files off of my computer from VLC on my Apple TV 4K?
  16. S

    AppleTV 4K Compatibility Query

    Hi, I have a couple of questions that I'm hoping someone can answer for me about the new AppleTV 4K 1. I have a 4K TV but it is not HDR compatible. I'm assuming this will not be a problem, and I will still be able to get a 4K picture, but without HDR. Is that correct? 2. What type of HDMI...