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Apr 12, 2001

Apple in iOS 16 introduced a customizable Lock Screen, complete with widgets. You can have up to five separate widgets on your Lock Screen, including four below the time and one above the time. There are several widgets available from Apple for apps like Weather, Calendar, Clock, Fitness, and Reminders, but third-party app developers are also able to create widgets for the Lock Screen.


We've rounded up a bunch of third-party apps that have implemented widget support as of today, so you can see some of the widget options available to you. Note that if you're planning on getting an iPhone 14 Pro, widgets will be available even when your screen is off thanks to the Always-On display.


Flight tracking app Flighty offers several different widget options. You can see a countdown to your trip before you go, and when you're ready to travel, you can see your gate code, seat number, and take off time. When the flight's in the air, you can see an in-flight progress bar, and then when you land, you can view your arrival gate, weather, and baggage carousel information.



Facebook's widgets let you see which friends have birthdays and it provides top updates from the people that you follow.



Reddit app Apollo has added several fun widgets that you can choose from. There's a widget to get you right to trending posts, a distance scrolled widget, a karma widget, and an inbox widget so you can see if you have any unread messages. There are also widgets that show you how your most recent post or comment is performing, and an option to get to a favorite subreddit or a random subreddit.



With Fantastical's Lock Screen widget, you can see your upcoming events and a mini calendar. Fantastical also supports Focus Filters, another iOS 16 feature.

Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro's simple widget lets you tap to get right to the camera for scanning documents.


Gmail, Chrome, and Maps

Google added a number of new widgets across its apps, as we highlighted earlier this morning. There are widgets for Google Maps Chrome, Google News, Gmail, and more.


  • Google: Initiate a search via text, voice, or the camera by opening up the app
  • Gmail: View the number of messages in your inbox
  • Chrome: Initiate a search, including by voice or in incognito mode
  • Google Drive: Quickly access starred files and folders
  • Google Maps: View real-time traffic updates and estimated travel times to frequently traveled places like home and work
  • Google News: View real-time headlines
Things 3

The Things widget allows you to set up a widget that takes you directly to your Today list, Inbox, Deadlines, and more. You can set up a widget for any list that you use. Things has a rectangular widget below the clock that shows three tasks, and a smaller widget that can be added above the clock that shows a single to-do.


There are also widget options for adding a new to-do and showing the progress that you've made with your daily to-do list.


The Halide widget lets you access the Halide camera app from the Lock Screen. Tapping it opens up the Halide app so you have quicker access to the Halide camera.

Paku for PurpleAir

For those who like to track air quality using PurpleAir, Paku has been updated with a widget that adds air quality information to the Lock Screen.


Slopes: Ski & Snowboard

Ski app Slopes has added widgets that show resort conditions and the snow forecast, along with a Season Stats widget that shows performance.


CARROT Weather

CARROT Weather has more than a dozen weather widgets to choose from. You can select a Snark widget that shows typical snarky comments, or opt for different widgets that include conditions, high and low, daily forecast, wind, UV index, humidity, visibility, and more. Many of the widgets require a Premium subscription.



Package tracking app Parcel has added a widget that lets you see the status of a delivery.


Let Us Know Your Favorite Widget

See an app with a cool widget? Let us know in the comments and we'll add it to the list.

Article Link: Apps That Have Added iOS 16 Lock Screen Widget Support
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Sep 12, 2022
Epsy (app for epilepsy)

TFL Go (London official transport app)


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Nov 28, 2013
Readdle Calendars (free version; I assume the paid version too).

Also, like their home-screen widgets, they show events which are current. Unlike the stock Calendar app which removes any event from display once it's 15 minutes past the start time.
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Sep 12, 2022
I do so hope that my favourite app “LifeRemaining” gets a widget as soon as possible. It’s a real nifty little app that takes all your existing medical conditions, family history of medical conditions, income levels, education level, and all the data from the health app and uses GPS to track where in the social-economic global chain you live, and gives you a very accurate countdown to your most likely time of death.

Now, whenever the madness of happiness first spreads its joyous tendrils out to give me false hope, I can simply lift my phone and be reminded of how pointless and futile it all is. Sure, I could just simply open the app and look at the pretty countdown graphs and most probable cause of death, but that’s extra steps needed, time I could be better spending watching my life meter go down.

To have this on the Lock Screen is a real game changer for me.


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Aug 29, 2009
Favorites Widget Pro lets you call and text straight from the lock screen.


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Feb 3, 2011
Readdle Calendars (free version; I assume the paid version too).

Also, like their home-screen widgets, they show events which are current. Unlike the stock Calendar app which removes any event from display once it's 15 minutes past the start time.
Yes!! This is my buggiest frustration with the stock calendar app / widgets. Along with no month view.


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Sep 7, 2020
DataMan and Facebook were 2 that I noticed this afternoon when updating my apps.


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Nov 28, 2013
Yes!! This is my buggiest frustration with the stock calendar app / widgets. Along with no month view.
I've been logging feedbacks since whichever iOS 14 beta caused this, and Apple have been ignoring them. I assume, as far as they're concerned, it's working as expected (although they've not updated any of mine to say that).

The Readdle app has a great widget - the 4x2 one changes the colour of the top section to match the colour of whichever calendar has the current event. I use many calendars, all different colours, and I love this feature.


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Dec 7, 2012
I thought that may be the issue but it didn’t work either, even after a restart after spending some time in the app. It may be a server-side thing that they have to switch on at some point despite the update enabling it 🤔 Either that or it’s a bug.

Weird! That's how I got them to show up.
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