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Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by VI™, Sep 29, 2014.

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    Anyone playing this? I'm running it through boot camp and have all the settings about on a medium to get a decent frame rate.

    The game has been fairly boring in the low levels, but I'm flying through them and hoping that the PVP is as fun as promised. I did enjoy Rift's open world PVP before it was destroyed by completely removing the opposing factions and making everyone buddies.

    There's two things that worry me though and one more so than the other. The first and least concerning is the lack of in game macroing. Rift had this and it was almost required for some classes and the amount of skills you had to use was nuts. I'm about level 16-17 and so far there are a lot of skills, but not as many as Rift. The lack of a macro feature makes it difficult to play a game like this when you have more skills than hotkeys you can use. The second is the lag. I'm hoping the game catches up to the populace at some point. Launch day there were over 5k queues on the servers and now I'm not experiencing any (I didn't actually wait in line that long but some people were reporting over 10 hour waits) kind of queue but lag is very prevalent and I know it's not my internet connection. Very often I'll use a skill and it will be 2-3 seconds before it's actually used. This will kill you in PVP.

    So other than it just being a mediocre MMO, I'm hoping the end game PVP picks up and the lag gets sorted out.
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    Heyo, I do play AA. I don't play it on Mac though.

    I play it on my gaming rig.

    So far, it is quite good gaming experience, I was able to claim and build 24x24 and 16x16 on highly populated Kyprosa EU. About to build Clipper and start doing trade routes, because right now, I am broke.

    I have no lags so far. PvP aspect will be very important in the future, alliance wars etc.
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    I'm debating installing it on my gaming computer, but right now, the game doesn't have me convinced that I want to play it too much longer. I was playing TSW before hand and as simplistic as that was and as terrible as the graphics/interface was, I'm still liking it better than AA. I think I may end up going back to Rift if they can keep the content coming. I was kind of hoping ESO would do something to make it's game play worth while, but it seems like it's the same old quest grind. We'll see...
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    It's interesting your perspective. I've always found the MMORPG end game to be the end of the game for me. ;) Right now, I'm allowing myself to play one MMO very casually, that Elder Scrolls Online. It's got beautiful open landscapes and reminds me of previous Elder Scrolls games. I'm enjoying it for now.

    Regarding Archeage, it looks nice. Country of origin? Korea Is it PVE or primarily PVP? Pay to win? Open world or do you run into zone loads when traveling, other than instances? Just how grindy is it? Described as a "grinder" in the video. ESO has you kill or collect some things, but it's noting like Wow's collect 10 of this, kill 20 of that. Can you add more bars to the interface? Is the intent that you pick certain sets of skills? I'll insert my own answers if and when I get them. Thanks!


    This review is hilarious. :) Quests: "Uninspired, inept, or outright broken. This is the game where players scream, "My God, there are more quests!"

    "Morality compass broken if nonexistent.
    You'll spend one quest killing dozens of pirates, raiders and traders and the next searching for potatoes in someone's garden. This is to say nothing of killing poor people because they are poor or experimenting on sentient beings by throwing viles of acid on them to collect their bones, and then go pick some nice flowers to go with the stew for the troops!"

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