Are these essentially the same hard drive enclosures? Why the huge price difference?

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by warvanov, Feb 19, 2013.

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    I got one couple of years back from
    I wouldn't bother to pay $59 go for cheaper one.
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    they are completely different.

    one is sata to sata the cheap one .


    2009 model uses the cheap one.

    the expensive one is ata to sata.

    old mac minis 2006 2007 need the expensive one,

    this takes the sata drive take is common now and converts it to pata.

    the old mac mini bridge had a sata for the hdd and a pata for the optical drive.

    I am certain that the 2009 was sata to sata.

    I am certain the 2006 2007 were sata to ata.

    I think the 2008 was sata to ata

    here is a link for a 2009 optical it is sata

    here is the bridge for a 2009

    it looks like the one sata is a mini sata. It has been a while since I have done this. but IIRC that is the case.
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    Deal Extreme does a version I have been using in a 2006 mini upgraded with a Core2Duo. (I use the 12.7mm version with a tall 1TB drive.

    Can't compare quality to iFixit or OWC versions, sorry.
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    The one with the integrated IDE bridge is even $2 cheaper. But buy the one from iFixit, otherwise you won't have a guide that tells you how to install it.

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