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    I have a 122x122 matrix saved as a .csv file. The values in each cell range from about -2 to +19 and I'm trying to incorporate a colors gradient were depending on the value the cell is assigned a separate color. Another option would be using a 3 column data set and attempting a listplot where the first two points plot the point an the third somehow assigns the color.

    Mathematica would be ideal, since I am relatively familiar with the software, though if R is going to b easier, I'm open to exploration- I'll just need more instruction.

    Thanks a lot, if someone has any better ideas as to how to execute this let me have them!


    Edit: I think one of the Excel surface plots may also work. When I create it though, it groups all of the cell values in 3 different ranges. Is there a way for me to change this so I can have quite a few more, and preferably be able to dictate the color for each range.
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    I'm not sure exactly what you want, but perhaps this is a "gray-scale" approximation (in Mathematica):

    DataMatrix = RandomInteger[{-2, 19}, {122, 122}];
      Graphics[{RGBColor[(DataMatrix[[i, j]] + 2)/
          21, (DataMatrix[[i, j]] + 2)/21, (DataMatrix[[i, j]] + 2)/21], 
        Rectangle[{i, j}]}], {i, 1, 122}, {j, 1, 122}]]
    A .pdf of the Mathematica .nb file is attached.

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    Thanks a lot! I manipulated the code a bit and got something much closer to what I wanted then I had before. I'll see if I can figure out how to implement color.

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