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Apr 12, 2001

As 2022 is shaping up to finally be the year Apple announces its long-awaited and rumored AR/VR headset, a new set of artistic renders have offered us our best look yet at what Apple's first headset will look like, based on credible reports citing sources from within the company.


The renders, created by concept maker Ian Zelbo, are based on details provided in a report from The Information about what Apple's AR/VR headset will look like. That report cited several internal images of a "late-stage prototype" of Apple's headset. Per that information, depicted below, the headset will feature a headband that's reminiscent of an Apple Watch band, with soft inner mesh that rests against a wearer's face.


Not all heads are the same size, and the headband will presumably be adjustable. It'll remain entirely black on the front of the headset, offering a sleek and more elegant look. There will also be a Side Button on the left and top side of the headset, but its purpose remains unknown.

Apple's first headset, which Zelbo calls "Apple View," though it remains officially unnamed, is expected to be a niche and expensive product aimed at serving as only an entry for Apple into the AR and VR industry. Apple is working on two AR and VR projects, with the headset expected to debut next year and a sleeker pair of augmented reality glasses in 2023 or later. You can check out full 8K resolution photos of Zelbo's on his website.

Article Link: Artistic Renders Offer Best Look Yet at Apple's Upcoming AR/VR Headset
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Jul 9, 2008
I finally see a reason to bring back the backlit Apple logo! Hear me out.

When the user is engaged in an activity (not just browsing), the apple logo lights up indicating presence / busy. user is busy, apple logo lights up.

I guess one could infer if the glasses are on, they're in use but I might use mine to sleep with at my desk. The boss should know if I'm sleeping or working based on the apple logo.

TheYayAreaLiving 🎗

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You know they'll have dozens of bands to be available for purchase... let's go with $59.99 each!

And the new Polishing Cloth 2.0 for $29.99 - now in Rose colour!
Instant buy for me. That’s how Apple will be making the money. Look at the demand and the market for Apple Watch bands


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Jan 6, 2004
Western US
It's still hard to imagine this thing being comfortable no matter how light they make it or how much soft mesh foam it has. Is this something you're supposed to just put on for a short game and then taken off or is it meant to be worn all day or for extended periods? Just trying to figure out what the use cases are. If there are lightweight glasses that aren't touching your face I could see wearing it more, but this does not look comfortable.


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Apr 17, 2009
Norfolk, UK
Why would apple make this? They have never been into niche products (unless you count the HomePod) and usually the niche for this kind of product is for gamers. A niche within a niche. When have apple ever cared about serious gaming?

The AR glasses make way more sense and has a much broader appeal. I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a pair of goggles personally
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Jan 15, 2015
This is a render of lousy ski goggles...uncomfortable headband and quickly fog-up

I would say AirPods Max would not comfortably fit over these goggles.
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Jan 16, 2002
Denver, CO
Brilliant work! Really hoping the headband also comes in different colors
It now strikes me as almost a lock that their VR goggles will mirror the aesthetic/color palette of AirPod Max - finally giving purpose to the seemingly misplaced headphones. As one who had been in the market for some over-ear headphones, I was awaiting Apple's offering. When the Max landed, I was confused. While priced like a decent pair of studio headphones, they seemed to lack features that would find them my go to when mixing multitrack audio. Just some really comfy AirPods. I wasn't able to see how they fit the ecosystem. Until now. With these rumored VR goggles, their place in the ecosystem starts to begin to make more sense, to me. I can very much see these comfy, over-ear, spacial audio-capable Maxes making a brilliant partner for their VR goggle offering - thus making an aesthetic alignment seem almost as if they planed this. ;)

And speaking of brilliant - tip-of-the-hat to Ian for another tasty render. Love the detail of the AirPod Max-ish fabric... The all-black face... If the real deal looks anything lie this, I will be stunned (where in Earth are they cramming all of the necessary components?). Aesthetically, reminds me of some of the killer HUD ski & snowboard goggles on the market.

As someone else posted above: this is definitely a render based on their VR offering. Can't fathom this being what they have in mind for AR (tho it may be both VR/AR-capable). For AR, you would think something less snowboard-y. One curious thought bouncing around the back of my mind is just how much Tim has waxed poetic about AR. While he has quieted down in recent months, there was a period where AR was his only talking point. Based on that, I would have assumed AR to be their entry point into HUD. So maybe this IS their AR offering and this goggle will be AR/VR-capable.

Anyway, I have always been most intrigued by the ways Apple has looked to expand their offerings and find myself kind of excited about my first foray into HUD being an Apple offering. Should be fun.
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