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Dec 12, 2013
Good morning!

First, I hope you are all healthy and staying well.

We've had a 2013 TC in the house since moving in here, and with everyone home ALL the time we figured now was a good time to upgrade. Bumped our internet to 400 mbs and a 2nd Gen Eero mesh is moving in later today.

I'm wondering about what y'all would do with the Time Capsule? I've read you can connect it as a wireless back up by plugging it into the router; I have also imagined just plugging it directly into the iMac to work as a Time Machine backup. I'm wondering what this group would consider first.

We have a multi-Mac family: two MBAirs, late 2013 iMac (getting considerable more use now), and multiple iOS devices. I'm not super concerned with backing up one of the Airs (son's school laptop) but the wife might like being able to set hers up for extra security.

What would you recommend?

Thanks in advance,

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