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time capsule

  1. LaterWolf

    Apple time capsule.....

    I know, it sounds childish, because it is, bu I had this idea for the past 5 months of an apple time look back on in 10 years, (if I, apple, or macrumors is alive, no one knows) So here it is Scuba headset invaded the internet and macrumors (Apple vision pro iPhones are becoming...
  2. zachiedoo

    1st gen Time Capsule: HDD drive dead?

    So this TC is functioning fine as a router but I tried to back up to it the other day and it seemed to be okay but I wasn’t subsequently able to access the backup. I figured I would try to reformat the HDD and tried to this morning but I input the password and nothing happened. I then pressed...
  3. zachiedoo

    Can I do this with a Time Capsule?

    I have our Time Capsule hooked up to our main router (router provided by our ISP) via ethernet, and configured to deliver wifi to our second floor. I have an area on the first floor that is currently being served by a Netgear wifi extender. Our ISP does not offer any mesh devices. We are...
  4. P

    Time capsule out of order : which is the cheapest and best alternative ?

    Hi, My old Time Capsule 3rd gen (Model A1355 - 1 Tb) is out of order (supposedly the power supply is dead). I was using it as a wifi-router and data backup for Macbook and PC. I think that repairing it will be quite hard and I am looking for an alternative which would be the most simple and...
  5. iosmike

    How to get all files from Time Capsule to a new macmini

    Hi everyone, I bought a new macmini and have connected to the time capsule which was backing up the old macmini before. Now, how can I get all files from the time capsule to my new macmini? Thanks, Mike
  6. RoelJuun

    Access Time Capsule functions from other router

    In my home network I have troubles with accessing all the functions from my Time Capsule while being connected to a different wifi access point on the network. My current situation is a modem (ISP) that connects by cable to one repeater (Fritz Repeater) in my work room and a Time Capsule in the...
  7. DinkThifferent

    Time Machine disc crashed?

    After updating to 11.5.1 tonight, I didn't use my 2019 5K iMac any further. I just woke it up from sleep and got an unpleasant surprise. My Time Machine external drive (just a normal 1TB external drive, no Apple time capsule) has suddenly crashed?! Anyone else having this issue? It is coming...
  8. haralds

    TimeCapsule Disk Replacement

    I am currently using a Mac Mini with a stack of USB drives for TimeMachine. But I am working on slimming down the number of Macs in our house. Sometime next year we will be down to two MacBooks (M1 with 1TB and 2TB drive) and a media Mac Mini. I am looking to simplify life and returning to using...
  9. M

    What router and hard drive combos are working for your wifi Time Machine backups?

    Hello, I'm getting ready to retire a Time Capsule I've used for years as both wifi router and backup location for Time Machine. What systems are you using for Time Machine over wifi that are working? I would like to replace the Time Capsule with a new wifi router (that will hopefully expand...
  10. M

    "Invisible" Data recovery TimeCapsule user issue

    Please help! Big trouble here! I have a time capsule that I used wrongly - for backups and storing files. Something happened some time ago and all the users are not accessible anymore - I think I might have changed some settings (from one user to multiple) at some point to create more users and...
  11. iosmike

    Macmini can't find TimeCapsule

    I just moved and now need to set up TimeCapsule to backup my macmini again. I am using a new internet and new modem. TimeCapsule has connected to the modem. However, macmini couldn't find TimeCapsule in AirPort Utility. I am attaching the screenshot. Thanks for helping!
  12. flur

    Time Machine and Backup Best Practices

    I have a 3TB time capsule that backs up my macs over wifi via time machine. Each time it backs up it has to free space, as it's been backing up my macs for the last 5 years. I also back up to some other hard drives, usually once a month, and have about a year's worth of backups outside of the...
  13. Giuanniello

    Time Capsule instead of Airport Express?

    I am using an Airport Express to extend the LAN, a cable connects it to a router (used as a switch) and the AP simply serves as a WiFi extension of the LAN, I was thinking to replace it with a Time Capsule (found some A1355 with 1TB disk for cheap) as to also have a backup device along with the...
  14. C

    Restore iMac from Time Capsule Backup Failed. Cannot Load Operating System

    I was having issues with the latest Catalina OS X on my iMac. I read that I could restore the previous OS by booting in Recovery Mode. I selected a previous date from my Time Capsule backups and started the process. It looked like it was going to take a ridiculous amount of hours. The next day I...
  15. G

    Spotlight not searching Time Capsule drive, indexing enabled

    When using Spotlight search, it is not finding a specific file, which I know is located on my Time Capsule drive, which, of course, is mounted and indexing thereof is enabled. Please, see below relevant Terminal extract: Martin@Martins-MacBook-Pro ~ % mdutil -s /...
  16. Mrjoedot

    External HD for Time Machine Wirelessly

    Hi, I managed to set up my HD for Time Machine. the pain point I had is to connect the Time Machine HD to my Mac every time I get home. Does anyone have a way to set it up like a Time Capsule via Wifi Router or other wireless method?
  17. Z

    Time capsule from windows

    Hi everyone, Not sure if this is the right section, so apologies if I´m wrong. Thing is I have a Time Capsule, the tall slim one, I use as a network drive. I used to use it as a router too so I could set up my MS surface and my MB pro to access the drive, but that was years ago. I just moved to...
  18. B

    Asking for recommendations for repurposing Time Capsule

    Good morning! First, I hope you are all healthy and staying well. We've had a 2013 TC in the house since moving in here, and with everyone home ALL the time we figured now was a good time to upgrade. Bumped our internet to 400 mbs and a 2nd Gen Eero mesh is moving in later today. I'm...
  19. G

    Restoring from a Time machine backup with one external storage.

    Hi! I have a time capsule where I backed up my work computer. It was a mac mini with an external storage. I want to restore to a new computer but I want the restoration to replicate the local/external storage scenario as is. Do I need my old computer set up the way it used to be for this to...
  20. djsound

    Best format types for Time Capsule and latest Catalina

    Since having Catalina (now at 10.15.2) my Time Capsule/Time Machine does not backup. Ive ready many similar situations and yes I have waited like 24 hours....and gotten mixed results....(was bearly working). I then reformatted my computer and got some files back using Migration Assistant...