AT&T Again Raising Price of Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans

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    Jan 11, 2017
    That's true and I'm sure the data speeds have increased, as well too. But 16.5gbs ten days into my billing cycle is quite ridiculous considering it's regular browsing, maybe 1-3 YouTube videos (8 mins each) per day, and no music streaming. Maybe tinder is using too much data

    It used to be 5gbs in ten days last year before they increased their throttle limit.
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    What a nightmare it has been cancelling my service!

    I took advantage of the 2-for-$100 TMO promotion, had my number ported over, AT&T service subsequently cancelled, and now i've been stuck with a 6S locked to AT&T for 5 days. In the grand scheme of things this isn't that big of a deal, but AT&T certainly has no idea what it is doing with these grandfathered plans.

    So far i've opened three cases, the most recent being a special "ICU" initiated by a supervisor, to request my device be unlocked now that I'm no longer under contract and the ETF has been waived. I also emailed Randall Stephenson and an Appeals Manager just replied apologizing and saying that she sent a request to Apple to unlock the device on my behalf.

    Fingers crossed, I've spent way too much time dealing with this.
  3. McGiord, Mar 17, 2017
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    Be extra careful in your email inbox they typically send an email indicating you should be aware to receive a notification with a link to confirm your request to unlock your iPhone, and if the email with the actual link doesn't arrive or goes to junk, or you didn't go thru the link and the website confirmation by a particular time deadline your are back to square one, they will cancel your request to unlock because "you didn't confirm".
    Several of my old iPhones went through this nightmare game.
    Certainly they'll do everything and it's in their best interest to keep you hooked to their account.

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