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Apr 12, 2001

The United States Federal Trade Commission today announced that it is giving more than $88 million in refunds to 2.7 million AT&T customers who had unauthorized third-party charges added to their service bills, something better known as "mobile cramming."

The refunds come from a $105 million settlement AT&T paid the FTC back in October of 2014, after the carrier was accused of allowing third-party companies to bill customers for things like ringtone subscriptions without their consent. Money was also collected from Tatto and Acquinity, two companies involved in the cramming scheme.

Nearly 2.5 million AT&T customers can expect to receive a credit on their bill within the next 75 days, and over 300,000 former customers will be given refund checks. The FTC says the average refund amount customers will receive is $31, and checks are going out starting today.
"AT&T received a high volume of complaints related to mobile cramming prior to the FTC and other federal and state agencies stepping in on consumers' behalf," said FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez. "I am pleased that consumers are now being refunded their money and that AT&T has changed its mobile billing practices."
According to the FTC, the AT&T refunds being provided to customers represent the most money that's ever been returned to consumers in a mobile cramming case.

Up until late 2014, AT&T and several third-party companies were charging customers up to $9.99 per month for subscriptions that provided sham services like ringtones, horoscopes, love tips, and more, with AT&T keeping 35 percent of the money that was taken from its subscribers.

Other mobile carriers, such as T-Mobile, had similar cramming practices. Back in December of 2014, T-Mobile agreed to pay out $90 million in fines.

Recently, AT&T also agreed to pay out an additional $7.75 million for a separate issue that allowed scammers to charge AT&T customers $9 per month for a fake directory service.

Article Link: AT&T Customers to Receive More Than $88M in Refunds Following Mobile Cramming Settlement


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May 24, 2010
Cool! I'll be expecting mine, and if I don't get anything then AT&T will be the first to know :)


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May 20, 2011
The penalties are complete ****. There's nothing to stop them from continuing to do things like this over and over again.

Earn 300 million, pay 75 million fine. What's the cost of business, like 25 million to create this extra revenue stream? So they still make 200 million profit. Hmm, lets keep doing **** like this!


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Oct 12, 2010
Each customer will eventually get a check for maybe $1.25 if they're lucky. But it's the lawyers that matter right! Um I mean it's the principle that matters
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Mar 28, 2005
Should be more like a refund plus a year's free service by way of compensation/goodwill for pulling that kind of nonsense, IMHO. More of a deterrent that way too.

Also, lol@ 'cramming'. They can't even say 'scamming' properly? Or isn't taking people's money without consent usually called 'theft' or 'fraud'? :D

'Excuse me, several months ago some friends of mine and I seem to have 'crammed' $31 from your wallet for some reason... here is full refund! It's ok, you can thank me later by continuing to pay me the actual amount agreed. No no, don't cheer and applaud it's just all part of the service!'
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