AT&T Leaks Don't Show iPad LTE Plans

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jun 27, 2011.

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    Over the weekend some newly leaked AT&T documents generated some interest about references to possible LTE-based iPads. iFans first wrote about the possibilities. The references, however, were rather vague and the dates were also in question. One of their own forum readers dug into the data further and found that the iPad references had nothing to do with LTE-support.
    He quotes the relevant segments in the leaked documents and sums it up: "they're moving iPad traffic first over to this new billing and traffic shaping platform."

    So, no, the documents don't give any evidence that AT&T is testing LTE-based iOS devices. Apple is certainly working on LTE support in the future, but previous rumors have placed them well into 2012.

    Article Link: AT&T Leaks Don't Show iPad LTE Plans
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    Does anybody know if the AT&T HSPA+ network is widely deployed at this point? If only the iPhone 4 supported HSPA+, I'd be able to test it. Har! Well, maybe iPhone 5 will do HSPA+.
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    HSPA+ is a software update in many cases, but AT&T has not upgraded the backhaul to their towers.... so it's pointless. You won't see the speeds until backhaul is ready... which is taking too dam long.
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    "...their first LTE network deployment (in Redmond and surrounding areas)"...

    First LTE Redmond! That's hilarious. And it seems like a slap to Apple.

    "Hey Steve, you want to do some real world LTE testing with your prototypes? How about taking them up to Redmond?"
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    Actually, they are likely testing in Redmond, because the headquarters of AT&T Wireless was there, and they are using that location for operations.

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    Or we can go full circle and come up with a conspiracy involving Nintendo as well.
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    Or they could test them on Verizon's LTE network in, say, any major city in the United States.
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    No rush.

    Get it rolled out more, then jump to 4G. Also, while 4G is nice, I'd really like less of a hit to battery drain. You can have the fastest cellular data network in the world, but data caps and battery drain can dampen the benefit.
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