AT&T ramps neighborhood fiber.

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Rocketman, Apr 18, 2007.

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    AT&T (Apple's iPhone partner in the USA) is ramping up fiber to the "neighborhood". [per CNBC before noon 4-18-07 PT] Their IPTV service which is in the early stages of deployment, and with competitors such as Verizon with FIOS fiber initiative well started as well. Verizon install locations have been adding fiber inventory and equipment.

    The AT&T service had quad channel record, picture in picture, and many advanced features by adding the limitation that ONLY the streams actually being viewed are being sent.

    This seems quite compatible with an AppleTV device. It also forwards the belief of the major carriers returning to the "client-server" model. Apple owns a Telco facility and manufacturers and programs servers.

    The mext major AT&T deployment is Los Angeles, CA. They did not state how "rural" they would go.

    This might relate to my posts about asking how AT&T would deploy wimax to support iPhone and high bandwidth wireless users. Apple seems to have picked a winner in AT&T.

    A complete deployment map is not forthcoming. But this link details OCN service.

    And this link specifies a particular IEEE Ethernet spec (802.3ae) for 10GB fibre.,,5020--1-1-0,00.html

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    I wish I could get internet faster than 1mbps, or ATT wireless service.
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    I belive in sweden they have full duplex 100mb DL and upload connections, and you guys in the US get 10 mb while im stuck on 3.4mb DL and 256k upload:(
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    A /huge/ chunk of the US don't even get 10Mbit. I am talking 80%+.

    Most either have to choose DSL and get the same or worse than you are getting... or choose cable and get 4Mbit/384Kbit (depending on the carrier).

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