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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by johncozen, Jun 25, 2010.

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    updated with p breaks

    Thought I'd share this story because I was really impressed with how well AT&T reps handled my case:

    Reserved an iPhone store via the Apple Store App but didn't want to pay $599 (not eligibe for full subsidy till 4/2011) Called AT&T and asked to have my upgrade date pushed up. No go but the very helpful and polite rep said I could add a line, switching to a family plan and get the upgrade price. Then I would have 2 lines, a subsidized iPhone 4 and only be paying $10 more/month.

    I thought about it for a bit and then told my wife who has t-mobile with no reception at our house. We decided to add the line and she would use it, ditching T-mo and port her number over. The rep said I could use the upgrade for my phone and give her my 3GS, Just go to the apple store on launch day, add a line and call AT&T back and they'll switch.

    Doing more research I found out that it might be best to contact AT&T after buying the phone but before activation so on launch day I waited at the San Diego Fashion Vally store for 2.5 hours and finally got in. Told the Apple rep my plan but he messed up in the process and entered my wife's line as it's own account, not on my family plan. I didn't know this had happened yet.

    We walked over to the macbooks and were about to activate the iPhone 4 on her number until I said I'd be more comfortable talking with the AT&T reps in the Apple store at this point. He said goodbye and I walked to the genius bar where 2 AT&T reps were busy on the phone. I told one of that I wanted to walk out with the 3GS on my wife's tmobile number and the iPhone 4 on mine. She called in to the customer service line and found out my wife's number had been setup on a new account, not a family plan with me. She got them to fix that and had them transfer our numbers to 2 new sims she had. She put those sims in my phones and everything was as it should be.

    I know this is all valid in the eyes of AT&T and they're doing their job getting me the plan and phone I want, but I was REALLY impressed with the way they were persistent and got everything setup the way I want without me having to go to the AT&T store or be on the phone chasing wild geese; I have new found respect for Ma Bell and their CS reps :)
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    That's a lot of sentences right there. Is your enter key broken?
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    I hate text walls. However I read the story, nice to see you had your issue resolved.
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    I tried to read it but kept losing my place and gave up. Sorry.
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    thanks for pointing out the 'enter' key. I think I'll be using that one :D
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    I got lost reading that but:

    1. I loved AT&T CS when ordering my phone.
    2. Also from San Diego.

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