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    ATLAS- Ark:Survival Evolved DLC sold as a stand alone game with a pirate theme, currently with a 30% approval rating at Steam.

    Anyone playing here with experience with this game? If so, I’d like to here your opinions! :D

    My friends twisted my arm to play it and after two months, I caved. :oops: Impression after three hours of play on an unofficial (private server):

    • It is ARK with a pirate wrapper. Remove the Dino’s, but have normal animals instead, plus sailing, building ships, fighting pirates, and searching for treasure. Lots and lots of bottles floating around in the ocean with treasure maps in them.
    • Online game only, sold as MMO.
    • Updated Unreal Engine, as compared to ARK.
    • High level crafting is more complex with multiple categories of basic items, like multiple types of hide, your item depending on what level it is may require multiple flavors of a raw material.
    • Most of the hate of Steam Reviews involves gameplay on public servers. Horrible launch and issues where despite the claim the game can handle 40k players simultaneously, there are/were big issues not being able to log into the (one?) starter island, and it being inundated with players.
    • I am playing on a unofficial/ private server where the game runs smoothly and lacks the issues experienced by the public servers.
    • If you are experienced ARK PLayer, the beginning tracks just like ARK... whack some trees, collect from plants, smack rocks, make basic tools and clothing, feed yourself, gain levels. However, from the starter island, you talk to a guy on the dock, give him the mats (wood and thatch) to build a raft or a small sloop. Go with the sloop! Then you are faced with a long sail into the unknown to an island where you can build your base including larger ships.
    • Eating includes a Vitamen aspect, besides nutrition to keep you alive, certain types of foods must be consumed to keep your vitamins up and balanced or it gets kind of ugly. :)
    • Building is a mirror of Ark.
    • Animals are tamed, and used in a similar fashion to ARK, where certain animals aid in collecting raw materials.
    • Sailing mechanics are interesting. As a solo person in a boat, you must steer the sail boat with the wheels, but you must also raise and lower the sails and rotate them to catch the wind. If familiar with sailing (I’m not really), you can tack into the wind. And when you get a crew , you can command them to change the rigging settings, while you steer the boat and command them to fire cannons at pirate ships.

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