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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by MinEderPlayz, Oct 26, 2015.

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    Hello everyone,
    I finally got myself to do a perfect week on all three rings and yesterday I finally did it. As I had already achieved a perfect week for the move goal, I knew not to expect the achievement until when I got the weekly summary. Unfortunately, that has come and gone, and I was awarded with neither of the individual ring medals nor the combined one.

    The weekly summary was about two hours ago and I'm wondering wether I'm just impatient or if Apple Watch actually won't award me the PW achievements.

    Apple Watch Sport, 42mm, all rings were closed each day (no, I didn't miss an almost-closed ring). WatchOS 2.0, iOS 9.0.2 (for now). Restarting AW or iPhone did not help, same with force closing the Activity app.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
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    You should see the Achievement in Activities on your iPhone immediately when you finished the last rings. That's what happened on mine. I don't have to wait for anything.

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    You also get a weekly summary under Notifications. This does disappear.

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    I can't offer any help, but I had the same situation for two weeks in the last month or so. Not sure why I didn't get the perfect week achievement but it sounds like the same issue you're having:

    When I made the thread, my watch was still on watchOS 1.0, I've since upgraded to 2.0.1 (last week) but didn't have a perfect week so not sure if that changed anything. I'm starting out today with plans to hit another perfect week this week to see if it works now.
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    The following post will make me seem ridiculous for focusing on this issue so much. If anyone cares, feel free to read anyway.

    Thanks for your responses by the way.

    Thanks for the responses everyone! Sadly, none of them were directly applicable to my issue. I am on wOS 2.0, so the 1.0 bug should not be the issue. Also, the weekly summary is intact and works exactly the way it's supposed to. Neither after closing the rings yesterday nor after checking the weekly summary today did I get the achievements. // Update: I updated to wOS 2.0.1, not sure what to do now as nothing happened.

    I'm kind of bummed out because I was on vacation this week and most of the time I can't or don't want to hit every goal every day when working.

    Also, I think there is a separate notification when you get the achievement itself, but I didn't get that either, although it's turned on in settings.

    Is there any way to force Apple Watch to recheck past activity data?

    The Path to an Apple Watch Achievement

    I've really been looking forward to that little medal (don't judge me please) so I went all the way down the rabbit hole to get the achievement. Here's what I did: firstly, I changed my iPhone's date back to yesterday, hoping it would invoke another weekly summary and another check for achievements. That didn't happen. Instead, now crashes whenever I try to view yesterday's

    Next, I re-paired the watch with my iPhone. That did in fact trigger another notification for the weekly summary, but that was it. Then I updated to watchOS 2.0.1 and re-paired again. Another weekly summary, I set the time back to yesterday and hoped that it would work if it was the same day.

    Now, I restarted the watch and set the time back to automatic on iPhone while it (AWS) was booting. I did not get a notification, but now the three new medals are awarded in Activity :).
    However, Saturday's data is completely messed up. Stand ring is filled 1/12th, move 1/4th, workout 2/3rd. Stats below the ring display show correct data though.

    TL;DR: used an hour of my vacation to get a silly little achievement. Steps I took:
    1. Update & re-pair watch
    2. Change date back and forth to retrigger stuff
    3. Reboot watch
    4. ???
    5. Medals

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