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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by The Mercurian, Nov 13, 2016.

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    iPhone6s - today I decided to do a factory reset due to random shutoffs. I connect to itunes and did a backup. No problems. Did my restarts and attempted to restore. It looks like it is working but at last minute it doesn't work and gives me the error: "...Backup was Corrupt or Not Compatible..."

    So ok I searched that and found it may be to do with IOS version. Fair enough so i updated to latest. But it still doesn't work. Now here is the kicker - I think I was on 10.0.2. But now it is on 10.1. Is this the source of this problem ? How do I fix this ??? Can i roll back to 10.0.2 ?
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    Edit: Well....sort of irrelevant now. The relevant backup files has disappeared for no reason

    Edit2: Well the reason was my hard disk was full so as Apple support were making me jump thourhg hoops iTunes deleted the old one to make room for a new one. Jesus. Anyhow, Time Machine backup to the rescue so I have a backup from this morning
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    Tumbleweed.... Anyone - can anyone offer any help ?

    Anyhow - so I bought the software Anytrans as it seemed to be the best rated app for this kind of thing. Doens't work for encrytped backup - even though it has an option to enter passwrod - just doesn't work. So now I must fight with them for my money back.

    However iPhone Bakcup Extractor free version does seem to recover data from the backup - but limited because free version. I'm not paying till I get the anytrans money back. But this proves the backup is not corrupt and the data still exists.
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    So. A few hours with Apple support and restored an older backup. It seems it was nothing to do with versions - rather a file somewhere in the main backup is corrupted. So I lost a little dat abut not much all things consider. Very impressed with Apple support who gave me alot of time.

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