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  1. forrestwhite

    HELP! Apple Studio Display w/ HP Elitebook 845 g8

    Hey everyone - I'm in a bit of a bind and I'm looking for the expertise of all you gurus out here on MR.. In short, I'm looking to get the new Apple Studio Display soon. However, my work is also upgrading my PC tomorrow to the HP Elitebook 845 g8. This computer doesn't have Thunderbolt, but...
  2. PowerPCFan

    Storage Problem with 21.5 in. iMac and 2TB iCloud Storage

    Hi. I was looking on my iMac under About This Mac>Storage tab and it said this: I took this screenshot under a different login, because I did have one login, then I created a second profile for an "experiment." When I made my MacRumors account, I always do mixed up letters and numbers for my...
  3. finnthegoldfishcracker

    Please Help! I need to get rid of 14.2 Developer Beta!

    I have an iPhone 8 running Developer Beta 3. (I'm not in the developer beta program - I got it through a website that shall not be named) I want to remove the developer beta, and possibly switch to the Public Betas, but I'm not sure how to do it. Can I just remove the Dev Beta without losing...
  4. Kevbasscat

    Resolved Screencapture doesn't reset after recording 10.14.6

    Whenever I use Screencapture to record my screen, and then attempt to make another screencapture, the menu bar does not pop up to allow me to record. I must go to Activity Monitor and Force Quit Screencapture to get it to record again. It's not dumping or resseting it's memory. How do I fix...
  5. C

    My Mac has gone crazy! Help appreciated.

    I was using my 2011 27 inch i7 Imac and the screen suddenly went green! And i had to shut it off with the power button. And now it doesn't boot up anymore! It will start up and display pink bars and start to load but then it will get stuck and then restart. And it will do this until you turn...
  6. zachlegomaniac

    Containers File Folder Size

    Hi there, I downloaded Daisy Disk because I can't figure out for the life of me what they heck is taking up all the space on my ssd. After the scan it shows the 'Containers' folder as taking up 50 GB. Could someone help me understand what this is and if there is anything I can do to reduce...
  7. mkschenk

    Second Hard Drive MacBook A1114

    Hi all, I have a Mid 2007 MacBook Core 2 Duo (A1114). I am trying to add a seccond hardrive where the optical drive is but the connection is different. Now the last thing I wanted to do was to make a post asking if anyone knew of a way to do it (in other words I have searched everywhere). Is...
  8. A_Dailey

    OS X Utilities

    Hello all! I'm working with a non profit program with my school. We are donating computers to schools and students in need. We were given a TON Of macs, I believe they are all of the same model. I was given the task to clear and reinstall the Operating System, but it asks for an apple...
  9. P

    Mac Mini 2010 won't boot

    After migrating from a Mac Mini 2009 (OS X El Capitan) to a newer one (OS X Mountain Lion), we restarted it, and it's not booting. We already tried booting with Cmd-S and Cmd-R. Cmd-R doesn't work, because this mac is refurbished and has no recovery HD. Please help!
  10. N

    1-800-921-4167 Ransomware Scare Help!

    Hello all, Clicked on the wrong link on a web site and was diverted to a modified "blue screen of death" with a pop-up saying to call 1-800-921-4167 to get rid of the sudden technical difficulties my computer was now experiencing. There was a voiceover that my frantic clicking interrupted...
  11. T

    Resolved Backup restore problem from itunes

    Ok, iPhone6s - today I decided to do a factory reset due to random shutoffs. I connect to itunes and did a backup. No problems. Did my restarts and attempted to restore. It looks like it is working but at last minute it doesn't work and gives me the error: "...Backup was Corrupt or Not...
  12. Razjai14

    HELP! Water damaged screen

    I had an iphone case that has water in it then I dropped it and then the case leaked and my phone got detached. Next thing I know, this happened to my phone screen. The crack is just on my tempered glass protector but the rest is on the iphone screen. Aside from the yellowish thing, lines...
  13. alfie9

    Will a 2006 mac pro run on a single processor?

    My 2006 mac pro, running yosemite, recently stopped booting altogether ... blank screen, no chime. I noticed the CPUB FAIL led diagnostic light was on (red). Have removed CPUB and still doesn't boot, no chime, black screen and no diagnostic led are lit. So am wondering if it does run on a...
  14. The_MLG_Deadpool

    iPad Notifications Centre Crashes on Pull Down?!

    Hey guys. Recently I updated my iPad from iOS 9.3.2 to iOS 10 (so I think this is a 'Hack'). I decided to downgraded it back to 9.3.2, so after watching a few videos I successfully downgraded my iOS 10 iPad Air 2 back to iOS 9.3.2. I started to notice a bug that was happening, and that was...
  15. Kialtho

    Printing Digital Photo's in High Quality

    Hi! I was hoping that there would be a genius out there somewhere that would be able to help me! The basics of my problem is that I'm trying to print some photo's for a wedding album at home - I wasn't going to, but then I experimented and printed out an absolutely stunning photo, beautiful...
  16. T

    Macbook Pro restarted because of a problem

    It has been happening for quite some times and usually restarts whenever I am watching a show on dailymotion especially. It is getting frustrating as my warranty has also expired :( Am hoping to get some help here! Mac Details: Macbook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014) Processor 2.6GHz Intel...
  17. J

    MBP not charging SMC?

    Hi, i know this has been asked a million times before. but i just need some advice. i spilled water on my Macbook Pro (early 2015) that i bought in may. I immediately turned it upside down and it did power off by itself (Which it is supposed to to prevent damage for as far as i know). The...
  18. A

    Hardware test gave this error message - 4SNS/1/C0000008: Th1H - - 124

    Please help! Apparently there are things you can do to get the fan to stop and for it to speed back up. (I don't mine losing all my memory) I have three tests this week and no time!
  19. J

    Small Black Piece Fell out of my Macbook (5,1) aluminum late 2008

    Hello all, I recently upgraded the memory in my mac book (5,1) aluminum late 2008 uni body from 2 GB to 8 GB and while doing so a very small black circular piece fell out (picture attached)! I need help to identify where this part belongs so that I can replace it. Any advice or help is greatly...
  20. J

    iPad Pro Help me decide... yes another one

    Hello all, I am currently iPad Air 1 user, had the first iPad, the first Retina iPad. I have been a Mac user since a 512k Mac, like others have/had numerous iPhones. I am trying to decide if the iPad Pro is right for what I am looking for. I am hoping current owners/users can relate to the the...