Bad Experience with Apple Business...complain?

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by redkamel, May 26, 2011.

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    Hi, I have had multiple bad experiences with Apple Business team. I would really like to complain, but I don't whether to send my letter to my local business team or someone higher up (like regional, but I dont have their email). Any thoughts?

    Business team screw ups
    -told me my Applecare doesn't apply to monitor at time of computer purchase. Found this was false and they wouldn't apply it. They did something weird at the register so it was "two purchases"

    -told me to forgo my student discount so I could get Business discounts at $5000. Found out later discounts were at 3 and 5000. Still, no one has told me the amount of discount, and I haven't received them anyways even though I am past these markers (lots of upgrades in the family this year)

    -I was told spending discounts were lifetime, then later that they had to be annually I had to spend $5000 a year to get a discount

    -Business team member told me "all the old MacbookPros were real quadcore". Seriously?

    -Apparently money spent only goes toward your Business accounts goals if you drive to the store and order there. I bought a computer online, so since I didn't know that, they screwed me out of $1000 towards my totals.
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    1. Apple Care would fix it. Very easy if bought on same receipt.

    2. There's only one discount. Not their fault. YOu can't double dip.

    3. Read the terms and conditions.

    4. Show them the web site.

    5. Your assumption is wrong. Deal with it. Might want to read the terms and conditions next time.

    Ask to speak with the manager the next time (easy to find yourself too). Although some of these things are your word against their word, the Apple care thing should be fixed.
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    If it makes you feel any better, you purchasing it online screwed THEM (the Business Team) out of $1000 towards their monthly goals.

    Business Teams Members, like the Geniuses and Creatives, fall under the responsibility of the store management. Like Consultant suggested, you should first talk with the store manager. If you don't get any satisfaction there, state that and ask for the matter to be escalated.

    FWIW, AppleCare for MacBooks and iMacs doesn't additionally cover a monitor.

    Why the heck would you enter a program when you don't know what the discounts are going to be? And more importantly, why would you buy from a team that can't tell you what the discount is going to be???
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    Thanks, but I didn't come here to debate the merits of my complaint. Since you are both being unhelpful and not actually addressing my question, I'll just explain it...again.

    1. Apple Store did not fix it. Its not on the same receipt. I made two separate purchases on the same day. I went back to the store to verify this. They also told me it was "too late" to make the change because my laptop was already enrolled in Applecare from earlier. I may call Apple corporate to try and fix it though.

    2. I am not trying to double dip, I am trying get just one discount I am entitled to. Instead I got screwed out of all of them.

    3 and 5. I am not going to read a 25 page terms and conditions in the store. The reason there are store associates is so they can correctly explain things. Or do you read the terms and conditions of every single thing you agree to including what should be a relatively simple store discount plan? Serious question.

    Well, I know that I now. But I am also familiar with the AppleStore employees I normally go there was some element of trust. I was basically told that when I hit $5000 I would have a permanent student discount (~10%). Then I was told it was at 3 and 5000. Then no one would tell me the actual amount when I pressed for details and it depended "what I was buying". Then I was told it was annual. Now I know better than to to trust even store employees that I know, but there is still a problem of "build trust with customer, treat them poorly"

    I didn't "screw" them. They signed me up for an arrangement that benefits them IF I make purchases in the store...and then forget to tell me I have to make the store.

    Also Applecare does cover a monitor at the time of purchase of a computer.
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    Same country as Santa Claus
    What question might that be? If you want to complain, complain, not sure what you want us to do. Your "question" is already answered,
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    May 3, 2011
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    Houston Texas: I ask how to share docs with business coworkers and I'm told to use google. Wtf? Tried it and cannot share keynote presentation. Thanks business team for wasting my time. Besides I hate google apps. (personal opinion).

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