Battery draining or jumping?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Earsly, Jul 26, 2016.

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    Hi All,

    Just wanted to provide some information so that it may help others. I have had my phone for almost 1.5 years and the battery would drain quickly. This required the phone to be charged 1-2 times per day. Also, my battery would jump 10-20% upon charge or drain that much in an instant. I brought the phone into apple for diagnostic on 3 different occasions.

    First time, they tested the battery and said everything is fine (holds 90% charge. Needs to be 80% to get a new battery). So they did a clean install. The same issues existed. Second time, they tested the battery and said everything is fine (holds 90% charge). They did an patch update since it came out the day before. They same issues existed. Third time, they tested the battery and said its fine (holds 90% charge). The genius actually said jumps are natural and he gets it sometimes as well. I said that's not normal since it didn't happen when I got the phone new.

    He then got approval to replace the battery. Normally they charge since the battery is still holding it's charge which I find is BS. They normally charge $80 but I was able to get a free replacement. Since they changed the battery, my phone has been awesome. Like a brand new phone. So moral of the story is even though apple does it's "battery test" the battery can still be defective!
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    Yeah, we should all probably just replace the battery every two years as preventative maintenance.

    Thanks for that info.

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