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Oct 26, 2014
I have a touchbar 2017 MBP 15" (bought in september 2017 with edu discount).
Since a year ago or so, the battery status is "service recommended". Right now the cycle count according to cocounut battery is 70.3%, 815 cycles.

Apart from lasting fewer hours as its normal, the problem of the computer, I understand it's because of the battery, is that after a couple of hours of heavy use (photo editing, screen mirroring via HDMI), I start seeing some glitches in the screen, like horizontal blinking lines all over the screen. After some time with the issue, the screen turns eventually off, and I can make it work again for a few minutes by clowing the lid and opening again. If the integrated graphics is in use, I can manually switch to the dedicated and I can run it a bit longer until the issue appears, but at the end it happens with both integrated and dedicated graphic cards after some time in high load. If not doing anything demanding, it is OK for long time. The problem happens both in battery and plugged. When the computer is completely cold, then I can run it again a few hours until the problem starts again. It has been like this for a very long time, so I don't think it is a problem with the screen nor the graphic cards but with the battery...

A couple of other problems are:
- the USB-C ports are trash. They don't click properly and you need to take care with attached deviced because they can disconnect easily.
- I don't hate the butterfly keyboard and don't have any major issue, but the left cmd key is broken and needs to be replaced.

The laptop is powerful enough for my use (mostly photo editing and basic use, rarely some video editing where I can see it struggling with 4K from my Canon R5), but I am thinking whether I should repair the battery/usb ports/maybe cleaning fans and repasting the cpu? In official Apple store or save some money going 3rd party? Or give it in to apple and get a new one. The problems with the new ones are:

- I am used to 15" and wouldn't like to go 14" in case is too small for photo/eventually video editing, but 99% it's the one i would get
- The 16" is too thick and heavy compared to my sleek 15", it would be extra complicated to travel with it and I don't think it can even fit in my 20L peak design everyday backpack...
- Maybe I would wait to the M2 pro instead of getting the M1pro...
- I actually like the touchbar and maybe I would miss it...

Apart from this, I would love the new XDR displays in the new MBP and having HDMI built in. The sdcard is a nice addition but lately I am using a cfexpress B reader and editing directly from the card.


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Feb 20, 2009
Do you have a brick-n-mortar Apple Store anywhere near?
(NOT a "3rd-party service provider" -- I mean a REAL "Apple Store")

If so, take it to them, ask for the $199 battery replacement.
For that, you get:
- a new, APPLE-LABELED battery (not a 3rd-party battery)
- installation
- a short warranty

It's one of the best deals "out there".

If you DO NOT have an Apple Store near, then call Apple directly and explain your problem. You should be ready to take a screenshot of the "service recommended" alert to send them if they request it.

They may offer to send you a prepaid shipping box to return it to an Apple service center, which will replace the battery (same as if you took it to an Apple Store).

Again, if they offer this, TAKE THEM UP on the offer.

Let us know how you make out.


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Feb 24, 2009
Chicago, IL
Or you can get a well-reviewed and highly-rated new battery on Amazon and install it yourself for $30-$50. I've had good success with a 2011 MacBook Pro.


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Oct 26, 2014
Thank you for your replies. I will contact Apple once I’m back in Hong Kong in a couple of weeks.

The thing is, the official battery change is “expensive”, almost the same price that I’d get when I trade in my MacBook if I buy the next one.
If I go for a third party battery, idk if later on I can still trade in my MacBook in the Apple Store, and not sure how easy it would be to sell the computer through 2nd hand channels (no one wants Intel macs now)
Maybe I should just wait if the m2 pro are 3nm and released soon enough, in which case I’ll go 14 inches.

Dxo photolab is too slow to export in my machine, Lightroom is quite slow as well, capture one is fast but I don’t like the Colors as much and lacks some of my lenses corrections.
I’d like to try the hdr displays 🥺
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