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Apr 12, 2001

Beats is introducing an updated version of its Studio over-ear headphones today, with the fourth-generation models dubbed Beats Studio Pro. The $350 headphones come 15 years after Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine debuted the original Studio headphones that launched the Beats brand into prominence.

Beats has maintained the iconic look of the Studio headphones since their original debut, and that remains true with the new Studio Pro. But that iconic look now comes with completely overhauled performance focused on five areas: sound quality, voice performance, comfort/durability, connectivity, and ecosystem compatibility.

When it comes to sound quality, Beats Studio Pro adopt most of Apple's latest technology including support for Personalized Spatial Audio with built-in motion accelerometer and gyroscope for dynamic head tracking, adaptive Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) with a dedicated processor and upgraded microphones plus playback correction to remove any ANC artifacts before the audio hits your ears, and a new proprietary transducer design with custom 40mm driver that delivers 80% lower distortion compared to the previous-generation Studio headphones.


In our early testing of the Studio Pro, we found solid audio quality with bass performance unsurprisingly a bit on the heavy side as Beats is known for, with very good Spatial Audio performance that tracked head movements well to keep audio anchored to the source device.

Enhanced call performance is achieved with a combination of all-new digital microphones and machine learning, leading to a 27% increase in clarity compared to the previous Studio 3 headphones.


Beats Studio Pro support three different connectivity options, including Class 1 Bluetooth, USB-C audio that supports both lossless audio and the ability to listen and charge simultaneously, and 3.5mm analog for compatibility with a broad array of audio devices including inflight systems and game controllers.

When connected over USB-C, Beats Studio Pro offer the ability to switch between three different audio profiles: a tonally balanced Beats Signature profile, an Entertainment profile for movies and games, and a Conversation profile that removes some of the bass and is tuned to voice for phone calls, podcasts, and other spoken content.


The design of the Beats Studio Pro will be familiar to anyone who has used Studio headphones in the past, with a cushioned headband, a folding design for portability, and padded ear cups. The Studio Pro feature upgraded leather UltraPlush ear cups with memory foam for comfort and durability. The majority of the exterior remains primarily plastic, which reduces weight but delivers a less premium feel than the AirPods Max, although they're also priced $200 lower than Apple's over-ear option.

While not officially rated for sweat- or water-resistance, Beats says it's confident the Studio Pro will stand up to workouts and similar potential exposures.

Basic on-ear controls are primarily handled on the left ear cup, with a large Beats "b" button offering the usual single press for play/pause and answering calls, double press advancing tracks and hanging up calls, and triple press skipping backwards. A long press activates Siri if you don't want to use "Hey Siri" voice activation, while volume can be adjusted by pressing above or below the "b" button.


The right ear cup includes a small button that serves to power the headphones on and off, while holding it for three seconds enters pairing mode. Double pressing the button will switch between ANC and Transparency modes, or rotate between the available sound profiles if you're connected via USB-C. A 5-LED array below the power button provides feedback on battery level with a press but also blink while in pairing mode and in USB-C will light up to reflect which sound profile is currently active.


In order to deliver as much parity as possible across Apple and Android ecosystems, Beats Studio Pro do not feature a dedicated Apple audio chip, but Beats has worked with Apple's engi... Click here to read rest of article

Article Link: Beats Studio Pro Debut With Improved Sound Quality, Spatial Audio, USB-C, and More

Lounge vibes 05

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May 30, 2016
So beats now has lossless support before apple?
Not really.
When using a wire with the AirPods Max, you can transmit 24 bit 48 KHZ audio. Most would consider this lossless, but because there's two analog to digital and back to analog conversions, Apple can't label it as such.
However, it's still much higher quality than what you get through Bluetooth, and still higher quality than a traditional CD, which most already call lossless.


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Sep 27, 2017
Support for wired input automatically makes the Airpods Max obsolete. Not that they were an option I had ever considered, as premium headphones without a wired input is just absurd.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm interested in a Beats product now.

EDIT: Wait it doesn't have an Apple chip? Well that's kinda a bummer.
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Oct 2, 2016
Englewood, CO
EDIT: Wait it doesn't have an Apple chip? Well that's kinda a bummer.

That was the most shocking part for me... no Apple Chip... the last set had them why not this one? Is it because of the new dual chip they are deciding not to brand that still offers all the features (including transparency). Color me confused.


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Jul 16, 2013
The Netherlands
Solid option IMO, I was already impressed with the previous gen in testing. But I’m actually in love with AirPods Max nowadays so not in the market. However I’m not sure if I would easily recommend the huge premium over Beats.


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Jul 16, 2013
The Netherlands
Love Apple’s strategy of updating all of their Beats headphones to USB-C before their own branded ones.

Very cool that people are still buying $550 AirPods Max which will require a different charger than their new phones in 2 months.
Annoying? Yes. A big deal? Not to me. My AirPods Max charge next to the couch, lightning cable readily available. Phone charges somewhere else and always over MagSafe anyway.


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Sep 16, 2012
Apple does weird stuff with this brand…or, more accurately, they really seem to keep their hands off this brand while owning it just to capture a particular demographic. specs are kinda all over the place here with lossless + 3.5mm support while having no Apple audio chip and all the goodness that comes with that.

ahh…at the very least, I’m not having the same immediate “wow, these are not worth $350” reaction as I did when these first came out (15 years ago?!). they’ve improved on a lot of fronts and make the $550 price point for AirPods Max seem even more whack. at the end of the day, if you’re an audiophile, go with some Sennheisers + some AirPods Pro for on-the-go and be done with it.
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