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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by rugmankc, Dec 29, 2015.

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    Sep 24, 2014
    I currently, at wife's insistence, have two providers. Direct TV and Time Warner Cable. She wants the TWC as backup when DTV loses signal in bad weather. TWC is only SD and DTV is all HD with HD DVR. Would like to go to one provider, but have heard bad reviews on ATT UVerse service and picture quality compared to DTV. And I can't bundle ATT U with internet as they limit DL to 250gb. I have ATT phone service and Wireless with them and no issues. I am in Fairborn Ohio and don't think TWC has the 6 Tuner 1TB receiver here. We need 1TB. I do currently have the 50Mbps/6Mbps internet with TWC.

    I would consider TWC as main provider if they had a 1TB receiver. Wife got by with a 500gb one before, but now as 80% of 1TB used. It's been 45 years, so can't get rid the of wife :)

    Any thought on the ATT/DTV comparison and if anyone in my area knows if TWC has or will have the 6 Channel receiver with 1TB. Been working some long days and haven't made all the calls to the providers yet. Or, got to any provider forums.

    Thanks for any thoughts--
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    You don't have a choice of best providers. You are stuck with the ones you have where you live. TBH they all suck.

    Also AT&T owns DirecTV.
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    May 3, 2009
    I have DirectTV and I'm happy with them. I'd go with them over TWC by a long shot. They have a similar reputation as Comcast.

    I've been with DirectTV for 3 years, before that with Comcast for a couple, and before that DirectTV for like 5 years. I originally left DirectTV because Comcast offered a better deal, but in the end, they were just lying to my face.

    Back on topic, I rarely had any issues with losing a single from DirectTV, the technology has improved drastically over the years. Now your part of the country will play into this, but even during some rough thunder storms and blizzards I didn't lose signal. Just to be safe, have some movies DVR'd and you'll be good.
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    Jul 11, 2003

    After years on living in NYC and hearing how bad Cablevision was/is, I moved to Long Island 8 years ago and had no choice but Cablevision. For a cable company, they are excellent. Have never had a service interruption other than Hurricane Sandy, Internet is FAST and I have wifi virtually all over NYC and Long Island.
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    Sep 24, 2014
    mmm, for some reason i don't get email alerts on posts to my thread. all blocks are checked in Preferences. :confused:

    anyway thanks for the replies. dtv is great for me and picture awesome. but, as i do get outages when cloud cover is heavy, i was hoping to find a good cable company with equal picture quality. i would say we lose it a couple times a month and if heavy storms, it could be out a couple hours. if i go to one provider and it is dtv will not here the end of any missed shows by the wife.

    i am limited on internet and would have to stay with twc. forgot my one son has hd on his tv in br with twc. i can look at the quality on his new sony. i think we had to have at least one tv on digital with them.

    gonna recheck on their hd dvr capacity. wife may have to get by without 46 recordings of Dr Oz---:eek:
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    Jan 6, 2005
    I have been with Time Warner for over 10 years and have been generally happy with them. The quality of their phone customer service seems to vary over time, but the techs are quite competent, and the service has been extremely reliable. We have just a single cable dvr box, not sure of the capacity, and I don't care anymore because the new software gives me a lot more control to let it free space as needed. My wife can deal with it if some ancient show gets deleted. :)

    We use the Time Warner app on Roku media players as free cable boxes in the bedroom. No DVR capability, but the quality is excellent and you have access to all channels and on-demand content.
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    Sep 24, 2014
    Well, I found out the 1TB Enhanced DVR is available. Out of Beta. Comparing channel lineups. Don't like my son's remote. Very directional, so IR I guess. Maybe they have RF like my DTV one. And need to find out where the main DVR needs placed. I would any tv would be ok.

    I am thinking about this bc I may fully retire due to health and general aging. Plus working since age 10, I am getting tired. lol

    May keep both till that happens. Or, I, instead of wife, misses a very important game/show due to weather. And, in a fit of rage cx DTV. :)

    Thanks the inputs guys. :)

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