Best Car Insurance for DUI?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by HappyDude20, Feb 20, 2017.

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    hey oh

    A year ago my girlfriend was charged with a DUI. She's never had her own insurance, only ever been on my name and now she is scouting for car insurance companies on her own. She's no longer allowed on my plan since we live in different states and she needs to register her own car insurance in her own state.

    She has a nice new 2016 Toyota and the local car insurance offices in her home state are saying the monthly insurance fee with her new DUI will be $400 a month.

    I then told her to check out a
    Quote with one of the more nationwide car insurance companies such as AllState. She's seeing this situation as a reason to sell her 2016 Toyota and purchase a different vehicle on eBay, she's currently liking the 2007 Nissan Muranos. She typed in the 2007 Nissan Murano in the Geico app with her recent DUI and her quote came out to $100 a month. (The dui happened a year ago)

    I can only imagine that the quote with geico is probably much lower because the car isn't brand new, has many more miles on it and geico can afford lower prices since it's a nationwide company as oppose to the State Car Insurance Company that has 2 offices in her home state.

    Can anyone shine some light on the situation?
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    The reason GEICO is less might be because she will only need minimum liability on the Nissan if it's not financed. The 2016 Toyota with full coverage and a DUI is going to be expensive. When an insurance company sees a DUI, that puts the person into an "assigned risk" category. I've had GEICO insurance before both on my autos and home and I would never insure with them again. (lousy service - my opinion)

    Any large national insurance company is going to be expensive with a DUI on her record. All State, Nationwide, GEICO, State Farm, Farmers, Liberty Mutual, Progressive, etc. Some of those I just mentioned won't even take her as a client because of the DUI. By the way, that DUI in most states is going to affect her driving record for 5 years which means a lot of insurance payments.
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    A dui is going to stay with her for awhile. Selling the Toyota is a good option if she get enough to pay it off and most of the new car.
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    Like you said, just keep checking around until she can find a rate she's comfortable with. I can't imagine it's going to be easy with a DUI.

    Unsolicited: be thankful she's not on your insurance.
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    Form my experience, COMBINING policies saves more than anything else. We were with Progressive Auto for a while and were very happy with the rates/coverage. However, when we purchased a house and had homeowner's, life, and auto policies all with Nationwide, Nationwide's rates AND coverage were much better than even Progressive.
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    Is she convicted of DUI?
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