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Jan 11, 2012
Eastern CT
So, my Apple branded Usb/lightning cables keep tearing because I'm pretty rough on them, but I feel like they're not the sturdiest ones out there anyway. They do, however, have always provided a good, consistent connection between the phone and the charger/computer and look good, not that it's my primary concern. I decided to give the Belkin cables a try since they seemed to be thicker and longer, not to mention I found them for $11 on a sale. The Belkin cable worked amazing for two months but now every few seconds or few minutes, it loses connection and then connects back again. This is extremely annoying and I'm wondering what kind/brand of lightning cable you prefer? Should I just suck it up and buy the Apple branded ones every few months, or is there something out there that offers both value and quality? I hear good things about the Incase and Amazon brands....any comments?

Forgive my grammar, I wrote this quite quickly--gotta get back to work haha.


I bought two of these in the link above. I really like them. 4' length, tangle resistant fabric covering, and aluminum casing on the lightning and USB end. They also come with a lifetime warranty and they gave me a $2 discount if I left them a good review on Amazon.
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