Best, oldest MacBook Pro 15" to run LoL?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by BrandonOsborne, Oct 31, 2018.

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    Oct 31, 2018
    Hi guys, it's my first post here and first time to buy a MacBook Pro. I love Apple products for their simplicity, gorgeous design, and customer support. And I'm looking for the oldest Macbook Pro 15+ inches (preferably with Retina), that can comfortably run the MOBA game, League of Legends. Which one do you guys think would be right for me?

    P.S. I'll still be having my gaming PC, so as long as the Macbook Pro can run LoL and do basic tasks, I'm happy.
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    Oct 29, 2013
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    The 2015 15" would still run it well (even the one without a dedicated GPU from what I can see on the system requirements). They're available on Apple's refurb store (still quite expensive) and if you really look you might even be able to find a new sealed one in stock somewhere. Alternatively, the 2014 15" might be able to be had cheaper used and is more or less the same computer (just lacks force touch trackpad!)
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    i have late 2013 MBP 15" with just iGPU, and the latest 2018 MBP with 555X
    On the 2013, i can play LOL at 40-60 fps at 1050P even in fights etc
    On the 2018 i can play at 60 fps at 1800P but its a little too still 1080P is the most comfort one
    So, dont pick the 2012 one, from late 2013 you are good

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