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  1. B S Magnet

    The ExpressCard/34 Thread

    The ExpressCard/34 Thread: expansion options for 2006–2011 MacBook Pros OVERVIEW Although now a relic, the ExpressCard/34 slot, the successor of PC Card/PCMCIA slots found in PowerBook G3 and the larger PowerBook G4 models, were introduced simultaneously with Apple’s transition to...
  2. F

    eGPU Purchase Help

    I am looking for some guidance/advice on the most prudent route to take to adding an eGPU to my MacBook Pro 15 inch 2018. I have done a lot of research but am finding it hard to arrive at the best solution. The AMD RX 6800 XT/6900 XT cards look good and appear to have just become supported in...
  3. jumpcutking

    Expected MacBook Pro M1 - Teach me your ways

    So… I didn’t it. I should have waited but… I got Apple Silicon Envy! I have ordered a MacBoon Pro w 16g and an Apple Silicon. I’ve also gotten Final Cut, Motion, and Logic… yes. I may put my Adobe Premiere days and/or Adobe After Effect days behind me. Not sure it’s a good idea… but all the...
  4. 81Tiger04

    Air or Pro?

    My wife had been using MacBooks since they were clunky, plastic white things 😆. Well, a year ago my wife took a leap and purchased a PC for work. Fast forward to now ... She wants to go back to a Mac (big surprise ha ha). What would you suggest she do as far as her Mac purchase? Pro or Air...
  5. 81Tiger04

    MBP or MBA?

    My wife had been using MacBooks since they were clunky, plastic white things 😆. Well, a year ago my wife took a leap and purchased a PC for work. Fast forward to now ... She wants to go back to a Mac (big surprise ha ha). What would you suggest she do as far as her Mac purchase? Pro or Air...
  6. Y

    My 2019 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar 13in is having the back light issue

    Hi guys I need help. My 2019 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (13inch) is having the screen backlight problem that they made a reprogram for in the past. I took it to the store they said I have to pay 600$ for. A replacement screen because it is not in the rep program. What should I do. I don’t want...
  7. S

    Macbook15"2019 fans are always on? Can disable?

    - Are the fans always on on the Macbook Pro (any Butterfly or later)? (Have Fanny monitoring app, says minimum around 2k rpm always. 2. Is there a ways to disable fans and thus force the CPU to throttle?
  8. Z

    Laptop Cooling Pad USB-C connection issues

    My Macbook Pro with all USB-C ports won't accept any cooling fan with a USB-C Male end. I know they all work because I've used all the ports for other things and still do. But for some reason, they don't like cooling pads. The only option I found that seems to work is this USB-A with two male...
  9. M

    M1 MacBook Pro touchbar unresponsive

    My M1 MacBook Pro touch-bar is unresponsive. It keeps happening repeatedly without any reason. Anyone has any suggestions on how to stop it from happening ever. Have a look at this 👆🏻
  10. mel192001

    my mac's usb c power adapter is not working(it is but has some problem). what to do?

    61 watt usb c power adapter not working, when i plug it in my mac or any other device it charges for 1 sec and shuts off. what to do ? I tried changing the cable and using other macs even in different outlets but the problem still persists. The problem is in the power brick. It charges the...
  11. S

    tvOS 14.6 broke AirPlay audio from MacBook Pro

    Updated Apple TV to tvOS 14.6 on Monday afternoon and now it seems I can’t AirPlay audio from my MacBook Pro (running High Sierra) to it. Tried several times and no audio comes out. Discovered this issue hours later on Monday night. Last time I used this feature successfully was last Friday...
  12. Rico Muerte

    Problem setting up bootcamp 2012 MBP Mojave

    I have a non retina 2012 MBP with 2 x SSDs - 500Gb boot drive, 1Tb files drive: Upon beginning the process for setting up bootcamp I got the following message: It's saying there is not enough free space for the partition despite the fact there is more than 350Gb available on the 500Gb...
  13. S

    Macbook Pro + 4K monitor mouse lag

    Hi, I am using following setup - Macbook Pro 16 inch (2019) - belkin thunderbolt 3 dock plus dockingstation - iiyama XUB2792UHSU-B1 4K Monitor As I connect those with a display port cable, the mouse is suddenly really laggy, which makes it really hard to work focused. Does someone know what I...
  14. Rico Muerte

    Time Machine via FW800 glitches out trackpad on 2012 non retina MPB

    Got a 2012 non retina MBP: Noticed a weird thing yesterday - when I went to do a 1st time machine backup via FW800, the trackpad/cursor glitched out & became almost completely unusable. It was tremendously laggy & mostly unresponsive while the FW800 drive was plugged in. Plugging in a...
  15. petev

    Can’t decide.. 2020 M1 MBA or this year’s MBP?

    I would like to buy a new 13” macbook, as my current MBP (2017) has several issues that I believe are not really worth fixing and I don’t know if I should wait for the new M1 MBP or buy a 2020 M1 MBA. I would use it for iOS development only basically, but my issue is this. The current M1 macbook...
  16. M

    DriveDx failed problem

    I recently downloaded DriveDx and scanned SSD in my Macbook Pro 13 2019 it says this: is it just app bug or real problem? I saw someone already posted this possible bug, what do you think? I have macbook for 1,5 years and ssd was on power only about 300 hours
  17. M

    Resolved What does this icon (command symbol within a window) in the menu bar mean?

    In MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019, macOS Catalina, Version 10.15.7), I see an icon on the righthand side of the menu bar. Clicking on it showed the pinwheel for a long time. Eventually it went away, but the system was sluggish. And I had to Force Quit the system to restart. The icon I am talking...
  18. jonjames505

    M1 MacBook Pro or 2020 MacBook Pro?

    I'm in the market to replace my 2018 Macbook Air and have decided to go with the MacBook Pro to change up the form factor a bit. I am only able to purchase through Amazon (collection of gift cards) so a trade in with Apple is not feasible. Currently the M1 MacBook Pro (8gb/256gb) is priced at...
  19. M

    MacBook Pro

    While rebooting, I pressed command and R and went to Disk utility, then i went to Machintosh HD and i erased it because i wanted to erase everything on my MacBook Pro to start fresh, i also clicked ''restore'' and then Machintosh HD disappeared instead i have now ''OS X base system'', Then i...
  20. M

    MacBook Pro factory reset fail

    Tried to factory reset my MacBook Pro and I think I deleted something I don’t know pls help!