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macbook pro

  1. A

    would there be significant difference between 10Core CPU and 12 Core CPU?

    I am looking at the new MacBook Pros and there is a $450 price difference (CAD) if you pick 12 Core CPU and 19 Core GPU. Is this a significant improvement to justify the $450?
  2. A

    Macbook Pro M2 14 Config Advice

    I'm about to upgrade to a new Macbook. I've tried the MBA M2 and whilst it's great I've found the screen is a bit too small for me. The MBP 14 seems like the right size (I've checked out the 16-inch version and it's a bit too big). I'd like to get some advice from the group on a good...
  3. D

    Why does the macbook pro 13" m2 even exist?

    When the air costs exactly the same? Wouldn't it have made more sense for apple to release a single macbook laptop with fans in order to clearly seperate the pro 14"+ from the average consumer lines? If there was a macbook 13" with a fan I would buy it in a heartbeat but my only option is an...
  4. D

    Macbook pro 14 m2 or Macbook pro Air m2 ?

    Hello my friends.i'm going to buy a macbook for software development,school,daily work.I also want to start unity course in summer and develop a game.Is macbook air (16gb ram 512gb ssd) enough for all this work? or should i get macbook pro 14 base model (10cpu 16gpu 16gb ram 512gb ssd).The...
  5. Benjenk126

    Macbook Pro M1 Pro 16" Upgrade

    I currently have a Macbook Pro M1 Pro 16" which is great although I'm starting to hit some performance issues. As it's the base spec and I use the laptop for development with 2 Apple Studio Displays, after I have a few applications open it significantly starts to slow down the computer to the...
  6. B

    [Australia] How often are delivery dates brought forward for M2 Pro/Max?

    I've ordered a 14" M2 Max(12/38) MBP (32GB RAM, 1TB SSD). It's not the standard 14" M2 Pro/Max and my understanding is that Apple adds some additional delivery 'padding' as it's classified as a custom order. Delivery date is saying the 10th of February. Has anyone had their delivery dates...
  7. C

    Are these Macbook Pro deals real? These prices are way better than anywhere else. They don't say they're open-box, refurbished, etc. Is there something suspicious about this store?
  8. TinyMito

    Resolved Help/Idea - MBP M1 Pro/Max No Display Output in HDMI with Clamshell mode

    I wonder if anyone experience the same issue with MacBook Pro 14/16 with M1 Pro/Max chip; if you only plug in HDMI cable to your monitor and a mouse via USB. Close the MacBook Pro lid down into clamshell mode. The display will never wake up, as if the computer is just sleeping. No matter what I...
  9. A

    M2 MacBook Pro Tech Specs

    Hey Forum Community, I'm thinking of purchasing a new M2 Macbook Pros and would like some input on what technical specs I should decide to choose. On top of being my laptop for browsing and everyday tasks, I'm looking to get into video & photo editing, programming, and music creation. My...
  10. A

    What are some of the best older MacBook Pro models that still hold up today?

    I'm looking for a used MacBook Pro and have been doing some research. I know the models up to 2012 can be upgraded (RAM), I've also seen people say that the 2015 15" models are great because they have a lot of ports, I've seen a few on eBay with the i7 and 16gb for ~$300. I've also read that...
  11. C

    Upgrading MBP 16' 2019 i9 9880H to M2 Max? Or wait for M3?

    Hello - I'm new to the forum so apologies if there has been discussions/threads about this already. I have a 2019 16" MBP (2.3 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9 9880H, 32GB RAM) and I am an interior designer so work a lot in SketchUp, V-Ray, Adobe Suite and AutoCAD. I understand most of these programmes...
  12. A

    Black please!

    I think it is time for Apple to move on (or back..) and offer us a truly, deeply, enormously desired, Black Macbook Pro. I don't mean the blue midnight option on the MBA, nor the shiny Jet Black which was available on iPhones. What I want is a real matte black aluminum Macbook, let me even pay...
  13. AmazingTechGeek

    U.S. 14" & 16" MacBook Pro's M2 Pro and M2 Max Pre-orders, Orders and Dispatch Thread

    Let’s get the ball rolling! Pre-Order here; Apple Education linked here Here’s my order: *Macbook Pro in Silver, M2 Max - 38c/96GB/1TB It was preparing to ship Friday night, but I had to call Apple Saturday to make an address change 😀.
  14. Z

    usb keyboard connected to M2 MBpro

    Is it possible to use/connect my old usb keyboard with a 16" M2 mbpro when connected to a 27" display?
  15. O

    Repair delays - anyway way to expedite?!

    I put my MacBook Pro M1 into repair on the 3rd January at Sydney Apple Store due to the keyboard failing. Was told it would be completed by the 11th January (simple top section replacement) so I figured it was worth doing so I could have it for the rest of my stay in Aus until the end of the...
  16. Z

    the best cases/sleeves u use

    What case would you choose to carry your 14" or 16" MacBook Pro? Is there one that you suggest and why?
  17. David1986H

    UK 14" & 16" MacBook Pro's M2 Pro and M2 Max Pre-orders, Orders and Dispatch Thread

    Feel free to post your new MBP specs, order status and so on. Also flight tracking if you'd ordered a custom built. Fingers crossed I'll be upgrading from the 16" M1 Pro to the 16" M2 Max with 30 gpu cores in silver on Monday. Looking forward to seeing if anyone has brought or upgraded this...
  18. S

    M1 MAX or M2 MAX? Need an advice.

    Hi guys! I don't know what to do. I found a really great bargain on a lightly used Macbook M1 MAX 64 GB 10 CPU 32 GPU - 5 battery cycles, used a couple of times. I use the laptop mainly for editing 4K videos. Today the M2 MAX came out. Let me recalculate for you how the prices look like in...
  19. D

    Water damaged Macbook Pro screen (working / MBP 16" 2019)

    Hi, I have spilled some lemon water on my Macbook Pro 16" 2019. I have fixed the keyboard (some keys were sticky and backlight did not work). The water got on the display too sadly. The Macbook has been sitting next to a dehumidifier for over a week now. The screen got much better but it still...
  20. P

    Upgrading 2006 17" MBP to M1?

    Hey, I know this looks like a stupid question but it's something I've genuinely been curious about. I have several 17" MBPs from 2006 that are pretty much useless due to their internal hardware, but I really love the design, size, and keyboard of those pre-unibody Macs. I was thinking of...