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macbook pro

  1. Apple_Glen_UK

    Help setting up 'new' MacBook Pro (2015)

    I have just purchased a second-hand 2015 MacBook Pro, 13". Although old now, I plan to run Mojave on it for my wife. But I am having trouble getting it set up. It was on running on Monterey so I planned to reinstall the original operating system it shipped with - Yosemite - and then 'upgrade'...
  2. F

    Which MacBook Pro should I upgrade to?

    I currently have a 13" M1 MacBook Pro 8GB 256GB. My parents are still using a 2015 MacBook Air that I passed down to them almost 6 years ago. It's become very slow and I've been itching for a new Mac, so I'm planning on upgrading my Mac and giving them my M1 machine. I really only use my Mac...
  3. M

    MacBook Air M1 Lid Gap — Write Opinion

    Why some units have it? It seems to me that rubber gasket kinda different in height across display. I understand this is machining tolerances, but still What's your thoughts? It'll be good to read any theory! You can view more photos of different Macs by searching —> MacBook Lid Gap
  4. P

    Can you using Screen Sharing between Sonoma and Monterey?

    Only one Mac isn't an AS machine on Sonoma - that is a 27" 2016 iMac on Monterey. Rest are new-ish MBPs and a mini - or so old they are not in the equation at all! Have only just started to need to consider screen sharing. And specifically screen sharing of the Monterey machine to any running...
  5. M

    MacBook Air M1 Lid Sound

    Sup, y'all! Did Apple change type of magnets or rubber gasket? I remember that lid of MBA with Retina from 2018-2022 [manufacture date; not M2] closed kinda without any sound unlike MBP Am I tripping? Just my curiosity. Thank you!
  6. S

    MacBook Pro A1502 (2015), turns on but does not boot

    Greetings to all. We have a 2015 MBP A1502. When turned on with the button, the cooler spins at low speed for about 2 seconds, and then spins up to full speed. The image is not displayed either on the display (it is not known whether the display is working) or on an external monitor via HDMI...
  7. D

    New M1 14" sticky static on body when not plugged in.

    Hey peeps... so I had this problem with my old 15" 2015 MBP, where the body would give a weird sticky feeling if I had my feet down and it was plugged in. I changed to the 3pin extension cable and it seemed to help. Either way, I found out this was a normal thing - they earth through their...
  8. J

    Buying advice for a professional illustrator buying a laptop

    Hi everyone I have had a look at the forum but didn’t spot an answer that quite fit my questions. I am a professional illustrator looking to by a new Mac laptop. I will use an external display and cintiq so it has to be a pro. I primarily use Photoshop (files can be largish 5gb+) and...
  9. FrankySavvy

    M3 Max 14/30 vs 16/40 for Gaming with Benchmarks

    I side by side tested a 16" M3 Max with the 14/30 36gb Ram (Silver) and 16" M3 Max with 16/40 48gb Ram (Space Black). This was specifically for gaming. I have to say there wasn't much of a difference in my testing with the benchmarks and games I had at my disposal. The 3D Mark Wildlife Extreme...
  10. S

    MacBook Pro 16" M1 - Keys leaving marks on the screen: Will Magnetic Screen Protector help?

    MacBook Pro 16" M1 - Keys leaving marks on the screen: Can a Magnetic Screen Protector Make My Screen Cleaner? Problem Description I have noticed some marks on the screen of my MacBook Pro 16" M1, which seem to be caused by the keys touching the screen. I have never carried the laptop in a...
  11. L

    Would the M3 Max 16 core depreciate faster than the cheaper 14 core version?

    Any idea if the top of the line Macbook Pro 16" unbinned M3 Max (16 core) would depreciate any faster than the binned 14 core version? Or would it be relatively the same depreciation? Just wondering as this affects my purchase decision. Ideally, I'd like to get something that depreciates...
  12. mangomac

    Time Machine stalls, never completes the backup

    Long time listener, first time caller. I haven't seen a post like this so I thought I'd add a new thread. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue: I had not been using Time Machine on this specific laptop prior to this issue, but I have used Time Machine on other Macs before...
  13. bolandross

    Has the MacBook Pro (M-Series) 16" TrackPad click become louder?

    Hey folks, I am a big fan of setting the TrackPad click volume to a minimum. Some older devices offered the "silent clicking" setting which unfortunately disappeared for the newer models. Currently, I am testing a M3 Max MacBook Pro 16.2" and find the minimal clicking volume of the Trackpad...
  14. macduke

    M3 Max 14" MBP First Impressions

    First, my order: 14" Space Black MBP M3 Max 16/40 64GB 2TB For reference, I'm coming from a 16" MBP Intel i9 2.3GHz Radeon 5300 32GB 2TB and iMac 27" 5K Intel i9 3.6GHz Vega 48 64GB 2TB. I work from home, multitask pretty heavily, and this is replacing both devices. I have a couple 4K displays...
  15. M

    Imac 5k 2015 as monitor for macbook pro m1/m2 max.

    Hello everyone, Can I use iMac 5K 2015 27” inch as a monitor for MacBook Pro M1/M2 Max? Please help me
  16. R

    M1 , 8GB - I'm sure youre tired of seeing this one but here i am .

    i know this is asked a lot and i have read many reddit posts and others that havent been conclusive for my situation. recently by 2015 air 8gb ram (bought 2015) is reaching its end. i thought it was to a point of nearly unusable because of the overheating. i was wrong because after 5 days of...
  17. T

    MBP 14" M2 MAX 12-Core 30 GPU vs M3 PRO 12-Core 18 GPU - Advice?

    Hi. Coming from a 2013 MacBook Pro that lasted ~10 yrs. Buying first Apple Silicon MacBook Pro since then, so ANYTHING will seem impressive to me at first. I have no meaningful point of reference to tell the nuance apart from current machines. Seeking advice, opinions, real world usage...
  18. David1986H

    M3 Max 48GB is using more than my M2 Max 32GB even with the same things running

    Is this because the M3 MAX 48GB has more ram to work with so it might as well use it? Also my M2 Max is the 30 core vs 40 on my M3 Max so maybe it needs/wants more to run smoothly. I noticed right after turning it on it was using 5-6 gb ram so the base M3 must be restraint
  19. David1986H

    Do you stress test your new MacBook's CPU and GPU to heat up the thermal paste and to make sure everything is ok?

    Every Mac I get I always do a stress test for like 30 minutes, let it cool down over night and do it again the next day. Then after that I use the Mac as normal. Not only to make sure everything is ok with the chip but also to see what the temps are like etc. In terms of thermal paste there's...
  20. G

    Seeking Advice: MacBook 14" M1 Pro Slow Charging Issue with 96W Charger

    Hi everyone, I'm facing a challenging issue with my MacBook 14" M1 Pro and could really use some insights or similar experiences from the community here. After a motherboard replacement and updating to the latest Sonoma, my MacBook Pro M1Pro is charging unusually slowly. It's taking about...