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Apr 12, 2001

After a world premiere on HBO last night, Beyoncé's newest album "Lemonade" launched on Jay Z's music streaming service Tidal, with a period of timed exclusivity not divulged by the service. According to sources knowledgeable of the launch plans for Lemonade, that exclusivity window might be just 24 hours, with the album's release on services including iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play expected to hit Sunday night at midnight (via The New York Times).


Earlier today, Tidal announced that fans would be able to purchase Lemonade outright for $17.99 without having to subscribe to the service if they weren't already paying users. The $17.99 "visual album" includes 12 songs and videos, including the one-hour special that debuted on HBO Saturday night. The album's download cost on rival services will most likely be around the same amount.

Even though its download exclusivity will be quite short, Lemonade will remain a streaming exclusive on Tidal "in perpetuity," according to an official representative at Tidal. The unnamed source officially confirmed to Billboard today that "the service will be the only streamer that will carry Lemonade."

Tidal has had a few albums exclusively tied to the service that eventually went on to debut on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify. Most recently, Kanye West famously tweeted that his new album "The Life of Pablo" would "never never never" come to Apple Music or iTunes, which it did about two months later. The move has even put West and Jay Z in hot water with their fans, one of whom is suing the artists and Tidal itself, claiming that they had a plan to "fraudulently induce millions of American consumers into paying for Tidal's rescue," using a false exclusivity window for The Life of Pablo as a ploy to bring new users into the fold.

Update: Lemonade is officially available for users to purchase for $17.99 from the iTunes store [Direct Link].

Article Link: Beyoncé's New Album 'Lemonade' Rumored to Launch on iTunes Tonight [Update: Available Now]


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Oct 22, 2008
Vienna, Austria
I don't get the logic in these exclusives. The artists are supposedly going with Tidal because they are getting paid more but aren't they making less money in the end because fans who are not Tidal subscribers download it without paying for it?

Exclusive mostly means for a specified (short) time only. I am also pretty sure going online exclusive on one platform will be due to some nice one time payment by a platform and a lot of free promotion like here on Macrumors. So it may make sense financially as long as not all artists do it.


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Nov 14, 2011
Is her music really that good? Seems overrated to me. Go read the credits for Lemonade and then compare to Prince's Purple Rain.

Someone posted this on Twitter and the Bey fans went nuts. Touchy fan base.
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Feb 10, 2010
So...a Tidal sub costs 9.99 (compares to spotify) or 19.99 for "lossless" streaming quality. could buy the album. Once. And save since you won't be paying monthly for Tidal.


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Jan 23, 2008
Is her music really that good? Seems overrated to me. Go read the credits for Lemonade and then compare to Prince's Purple Rain.

Someone posted this on Twitter and the Bey fans went nuts. Touchy fan base.

It could still be good even with a crap ton of collaborators. The credit just gets spread around.


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Jul 22, 2009
Not even Tidal's owners have a lot of confidence in the platform. The point of an exclusive release is to get more users to the platform, yet they aren't willing to sacrifice album sales, as they quickly sell on competing platforms.


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Jul 19, 2013
Tidal does offer a superior listening experience.

It's just a tough market and industry.. It's extremely saturated and people have become accustomed to 'free' music.
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